About Your Personal Trainer

Matthew Olaya

33 Years Old
Raised in Palmdale California
Bachelor's in Kinesiology at Cal State Univ of Northridge
Strong passion for Human Movement and Educating others
I live an active lifestyle actively balancing Life with Exercise 

My Approach to Personal Training:

My life story is a roller coaster of emotions and life lessons.  From these personal experiences I have learned that everyone has a story and everyone has ongoing challenges in life.  In order for me to help you exercise to acheive weight loss or develop an active lifestyle, I need to approach it with an open mind.  I am no "Julian Michaels", I am a calm and consistent person that you can count on from on-time schedule to long-term commitment.  Some weeks life is great and exercising seems easy, then out of the blue your week is rough due to long work hours and the exercises seem to ruin your motivation, I am there to keep you going becuase there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  We all know that it takes commitment and consistency to see any type of results (both Physical and Physiological).  


Progress Starts with Understanding the Body:

Clinical Studies show that it takes the body 2-3 weeks to adapt to a consistent stress load (any type of resistance).
Week 1
     -Cardio on Treadmill for 15 mins
        -Depending on experience, walking or jogging will be performed
          -3 mins high intensity (either high incline & speed)
          -2 mins low intensity (either lower incline & speed)
     -Resistance Training  (1 set total)
        -Exercises will be modified to physical capabilities
          -Push Ups                     10 Reps
          -Forearm Plank Hold      30 Secs
          -Squats                        10 Reps
Week 2
     -Cardio on Treadmill for 15 mins
        -Same pace as week 1, but 1 more minute of endurance
          -4 mins high intensity (Same Incline & Speed as Week 1)
          -1 mins low intensity (Same Incline & Speed as Week 1)
     -Resistance Training  (1 set total/ same as Week 1)
        -Same modifications as Week 1
          -Push Ups                     10 Reps
          -Forearm Plank Hold      30 Secs
          -Squats                        10 Reps
Week 3
     -Cardio on Treadmill for 15 mins
        -Same pace as week 1 & 2
          -4 mins high intensity (Same Incline & Speed as Week 1 & 2)
          -1 mins low intensity (Same Incline & Speed as Week 1 &2)
     -Resistance Training  (1 set total/ same as Week 1 & 2)
        -Same modifications as Week 1 & 2
          -Push Ups                     10 Reps
          -Forearm Plank Hold      30 Secs
          -Squats                        10 Reps
Week 4
     -Cardio on Treadmill for 20 mins
        -One more interval of 5 mins added to increase Endurance and Strength
          -4 mins high intensity (Same Incline & Speed)
          -1 mins low intensity (Same Incline & Speed)
     -Resistance Training  (2 sets total)
        -Modify exercises to make it harder (example: Full Push ups instead of Half Push ups/ Full Squat instead of Half                  Squat)
          -Push Ups                     10 Reps
          -Forearm Plank Hold      30 Secs
          -Squats                        10 Reps

Conclusion to Adapting Example:

Week 1 is an introduction to the body.  The most important factor in introducing resistance for the first time is to strengthen: Connective Tissue (all Ligaments, Tendons and Cartilage), Lean Muscle Mass, Bone Mineral Density, Stabilizing Muscles/ Joints (Knees, Shoulders, Hips, Ankles etc) and Cardiovascular System (Lungs, Heart).  
Week 2-3 now establish a consistent Cardiovascular and Resistance training routine.  Week 2 and 3 will now allow the body to adapt to become stronger and allow the exercising to be tolerable both Physiologically and Mentally. Even though your body might tell you that you need to increase the repetitions or time durations, do not let your mind steer you away from the protocol.  The first 3 weeks are the foundation to what will become a more active lifestyle.  If you rush these first 3 weeks, it might lead to bad patterns (tough to reverse) and compensations that will affect the future exercise routines. Going into Week 3 your body should not be sore and you should feel strong compared to the first week.  This feeling will reassure you that your body is adapting correctly, which will allow your foundation to be properly built. 
Week 4 allows the exercise routine to become more challenging.  The challenging aspect should be modest and not too aggressive.  Week 4 the Cardiovascular Training increased from 15 mins to 20 mins.  This gives the body 5 more minutes (one more interval) to challenge the cardiovascular system without over doing it, which could cause bad compensations or causing problems to your Joints or Muscles.  Week 4 the Resistance Training increased from 1 set to 2 sets.  This second go around set will introduce more fatigue/ lactic acid to the body, therefore allowing the body to adapt to revolving exercises twice through.  At this point the body's foundation is set and ready to continue the same type of routine to continue challenging the body in a safe manner. 

Where to go from there:

My job is to continue this progress using both my experience and knowledge on how the body moves within its environment.  The example above using a 4 week sample is very "Text Book Stereotyped".  The body is not a robot that you can program a formula/algorithm into it to produce perfect results.  Humans encounter outside factors (example: Exhaustion from work/family, sickness, sleepless nights, etc), which all need to be factored into the progress of each individual.  If you encounter exhaustion, pushing the body would not be smart due to compensation during workouts, which might lead into injuries and time off from exercise.  My job would be to ask questions, listen to each individuals feedback to allow me to alter the exercise routines depending on how the body is feeling.  Worst case scenerio, the workouts will continue to be the same till the body recovers from the outside influences allowing the progress routine to continue to challenge the body accordingly.  These are all factors that I have learned both through Schooling, Personal Athletic Experiences and 6 years experience training clients of all ages and abilities. 

Current Gym Setting Located:
808 Adams Ave
Huntington Beach, Ca 92648
Cross Streets are Adams & Beach Blvd