Does failure lead to success? Not always.

Every inspirational quote, literature or speaker will say "Failure will help you to succeed" or something to that nature. 

Failure is in the hand of the beholder, but does not permanently determine what happens in tomorrow.

Personality vs Motivation


  • combination of emotional, attitudinal, and behavioral response patterns of an individual. (


  • is the driving force by which humans achieve their goals. (


You can not have one without the other. Example: I want to buy a pair of Nike Free ($120).  Guess what, if you truly believe that you really need/want the Nike Free then you will be motivated to save money.  Even if it means to struggle for a couple days/weeks (Not eating out).  Another Example: You are tired of struggling financially and decide enough is enough, time to work less and enjoy life.  You are so determined (Motivated) that nothing will stand in your way to prove your point.

Living a healthy lifestyle is not for every one, just take a look at the people around you. 

Common Motivation:

  • Realize how unhealthy you are
  • Someone around you transformed the way they look
  • Immediate family/friend is suffering due to lack of physical wellness
  • Number of things that open your eyes is easy to follow off the band wagon and never hop back inside.  If this ever happens, then the obvious is stated, the matter at hand was not as important/crucial to your life at that point in time.

Steps to follow:

  1. Eyes are set on the matter
  2. Physical/Mental action follows up
  3. Following the proper procedures
  4. Write down progressions made toward goal(s)
  5. Tough times are destined, keep going
  6. Long term goal gets closer
  7. Habit is formed, creating a lifestyle

How important is the matter at hand? 101

Personality and motivation play a huge factor in what we do in a day to day life.  Humans love to go towards the path of least resistance. Why, because it is easy and usually always results in some sort of success.  On the other hand, hard roads tend to be bumpy and unsteady creating lots of failure.  Growing up I always heard, "If you fall off the horse, get back up and get on the horse".  Life is created on chaotic matter, if you look day to day chaos will never leave us alone. Take that thinking cap and put it on, take a moment to see what you are about to do and any possible road bumps that you will encounter.  If you must talk to others, people can learn a lot from other previous experiences.

Talent takes you right to the edge, but hard work takes you beyond.  People that have been beyond, always come back to share great experiences.