Follow Successful History and Go Green!

Don't let some Average Joe tell you what he heard from the other person:

Just like the saying "Don't judge a book by its cover", holds the truth to humans too.  Just because a person has low body percentage and defined musculature build, doesn't mean that they are healthy both inside and out.  A lot of these "Body Builders" who look like they were chiseled from stone, don't always have the healthiest bodies.  Taking multiple supplements to help speed up metabolism or provide more muscle build have certain consequences.  Because most of the supplements out on the market are not FDA Approved, a lot of the supplements are scientifically engineered.  Anything which is man made or manipulated by man usually has no long term studies to draw a conclusion to what the pros and cons are.  Just like Trans Fats and Processed Foods, man manipulated them and thought they had invented a perfect solution for food, but studies showed how these foods lacked in proper nutrition and a negative impact on your daily nutritional diet.

Going Green:

This is when we take a Step Back and look at how humans need natural food and natural physical activity to run efficiently.  If some new solution or invention comes out and it seems too good to be true, then most likely it is too good to be true.  Eating healthy (Portions & Nutrition) and physical activity (Stimulation of Muscles & Bones) will lead you in the right direction.  2nd Law of Thermodynamics states that an increase in physical activity will increase the amount of energy expenditure while the calories which fuel energy will start to diminish.  On the other hand, if no physical activity is performed, a lower amount of energy is expended which less calories are needed to fuel energy.  Still not understanding it?  Burning more calories than calories consumed, results in weight loss (Deficit in calories).  On the other hand, Less calories burned results in more calories (Surplus in calories) which causes gain in weight.

How to use this formula to lose or stay in shape:

  • Eat in moderation
  • Small portions
  • Healthy foods
  • Lower Carbs, Fats & Sugars
  • Drink lots of fluids
  • Increase physical activity
  • Less time at home and more outdoors

We sometimes get caught up with the TREND and forget how the body functions.  Think of the amount of physical activity done ten years ago compared to today.  Think of the amount and quality of foods consumed ten years ago compared to today.