Pack Your Suit Case

If you are prepared, you must always pack your suit case nice and tight. 

If you want a challenging abdominal workout to pack into your routine check this out:


Starting Position Consists Of:

  • All limbs off the floor
    • Abs tight to prevent lower body from arching
    • Help abdomen tighten up by lifting head & shoulders
  • At the same time bring Elbows & Knees toward each other
    • Start from the abdomen

Like a suit case, you need to close yourself tight:

  • Keep squeezing abdomen
  • Keep arms on the outside of the legs
  • Shoulders off the floor

Returning back to the starting position:

  • Slowly return to the starting position
  • Keep abdomen tight, while extending limbs away from the abdomen
  • Breathing is crucial to maintain abdomen tight
    • Hold breath at the starting position
    • Breath out at the finish position
  • Slow & steady is the way to start

Suit Cases 101:

Start out by trying 4-6 repetitions with 1-2 sets.  Little by little your abdominal muscles will start to adapt to the work load (Strengthen).  Remember to play it safe if you currently or in the past have suffered from lower back issues.  If the suit cases are still a struggle, start out by bending both arms & legs at the starting position.  If you are the type of person that masters this exercise, then try squeezing a medicine ball between your palms or even between your ankles.