Remember: Add some balance & coordination Part 1



  • Lunge Position
    • narrow base of support
    • BOSU causes instability
    • keep upper body still


  • Positioning Upper & Lower Body
    • upper body leans forward
      • back straight, abs tucked in
    • lower body position
      • front knee is directly over the ankle
      • back leg is extended straight back with slight knee bend

Wrapping Balance & Coordination Together:

First part, make sure you can handle balance on its own as well as coordination.  Once you have the fundamentals of both worlds you can start putting them together.  A BOSU will challenge you with an unstable surface.  A lunge position will cause you to coordinate your upper and lower body.  Put them both together and you get a challenging exercises with the BOSU equipment.  Throughout the exercise you should be concentrating on how your body is positioned from head to toe.  Like a Movie Script, you need to keep reviewing the script from head to toe to make sure you are positioned correctly and getting the most out of the exercise.

Good luck and always concentrate on what you are doing!