Take A Step Back!

You should always take a step back and re-evaluate what physical condition your body is in.  Even if you exercise everyday and incorporate Cardio, Strength and Flexibility does not mean that everything will fall in right place.  Evaluating yourself is extremely hard if you have no knowledge to this topic.  This is when a Personal Trainer will have the knowledge to evaluate you and inform of what should be done to correct a problem.

Simple Evaluating Exercises:

  • Over Head Squats
  • Fore Arm Bridges
  • Push Ups
  • Back Extensions
  • Proper Lunges (Front/Back & Side/Side)

The best way to break down this concept is to put it into an analogy. Since I have construction experience I will use building of a house as the analogy:

House Construction:

  1. Pour Foundation for the House (Keeps the house from falling through the ground)
  2. Build The Framing (Skeleton of the house to keep it up)
  3. Outer Shell Construction i.e. Dry wall and roofing (Provides the insulation and safety)
  4. Decorations (Personal touch to call it your own home)

Human Body:

  1. Intrinsic Muscles/ Stabilizing Muscles (Provide the foundation for how the body moves)
  2. Increasing Intensity (Challenging the core, joints and soft tissues to adapt)
  3. Gaining Strength & Shaping the Body (Providing muscles and strength)
  4. Specific Goals (Achieving these goals will provide Muscle Size, Slim & Toned Body and Higher Cardiovascular System)