Training With A Partner

Why train with a friend or family member?

Training with someone else is a great way to keep pushing and make exercise enjoyable.  Here are some reasons to train with others:

  • Motivate/ Push Each Other
  • Inspire/ Reach A Goal
  • Interact/ Fun & Friendly
  • Success/ Push The Body Further

These are just some of the benefits of training with a friend or family member.  When times get hard and it seems like you can't push yourself, you have someone beside you doing the same.  This inspires you to reach that goal you have set for yourself.  During the training session, interaction helps during the hard times of exercising.  When you mix both substances together you Achieve Success, which is the main goal in mind.

Do You Qualify To Train with a Partner?

  • Enjoy someone's company during any past time
  • Like to talk and interact with a friend or family member
  • Competitive with a close friend or family member
  • Encouragement from someone else
  • Set foot with a positive attitude

Example Workout:

A1: Body Weight Squats                                                 Reps: 20

A2: Physio Ball Crunches                                              Reps: Duration of Squats

Repeat 3 Times Through

B1: Medicine Ball Squat with Chest Pass                 Reps: 15

B2: Medicine Ball Flutter Kick w/Chest Pass        Reps: 15

Repeat 2 Times Through

Benefits of these Exercises:

Since there are two or more persons training, it enables for a higher intensity workout.  Usually training an individual person will have a set duration or repetitions for an exercise.  In this case one person can have a specific duration/repetition for an exercise while the other person performs another exercise which depends on the person performing the specific exercise with duration/ repetition.  And for the second set of exercises, both persons will perform the exact exercise together.  This increases the intensity because you need to make sure the other person doesn't have to make up for your lack of intensity.  Medicine Ball is a perfect example of pushing yourself.  When throwing a ball which has weight to it, forces you to throw it hard enough to impressive the other individual.  If you don't throw it hard enough then the other individual will have to go out of his or her way to make up for a fault.  Essentially both individuals rely on each other to make sure the exercise goes smoothly and no interruptions are encountered.

Along side all the great benefits of training with other people comes the low cost per session.  Check out Training Packages to see what the current deals are on Partner Training In or Out of the Gym.