Training 4 Ironman

                                           Short Term Goal (6 Months of Solid Training) May 4, 2013    



After Swimming for College (CSUN) I realized that participating in Triathlons would be something of interest.  Sad part was that I needed someone to motivate me to get into it.  I am self driven, but with certain areas of fitness I need someone to push me to try it.  Summer 2012 I found a place with a pool that was conveniently close and open for lap swimming from 7AM-10PM.  I recently bought a Road Bike to start riding to change up my routine and get outdoors.  I have never done a Triathlon.  Only real event outside of swimming is a Half Marathon.  As of October 15, 2012 (Monday) I officially started to train for my first Ironman.

Short Term Goals:

  • Training for Half Ironman
  • One Full Month of Adaptation for Biking & Running
    • Biking 20-24 miles per ride 2-3 times a week
    • Running 20-30 minutes 1-2 times a week
    • Swimming 0-1 times a week
    • Allow my Muscles, Joints (Connective Tissue) & Cardiovascular System to get strong
  • Change Eating Habits
    • Before my Ironman training I was consuming small/lean portions several times a day
      • Anytime I ate outdoors, I would save half for later
      • Dinner was my smallest meal
      • No junk food
    • During Ironman training, I will have to increase calories
      • Several large meals throughout the day to prevent compensation
      • Planning my meals Sunday so that I can focus on training and my business
      • Ask other Triathletes/ Ironman what they eat
  • Structure My Training Month by Month
    • Set Mini Goals
      • i.e. 2 Rides a week & 2 Runs a week
      • i.e. next month start working on speed runs & hypoxic breathing when swimming
    • Keep Changing the Routine to Keep Progressing
      • i.e. build duration & miles
      • i.e. recovery workouts to allow the body to heal
      • i.e. flexibility, coordination & balance
    • Keep Focus, Don’t Slack
      • i.e. rough days should be a time to reflect and understand why I am doing this
      • i.e. talk to friends and family and keep them engaged in what you are doing (holds you accountable)
      • i.e. motivational quotes
My Philosophy & Style for Training:
  • Keep Muscles & Joints Mobile
    • Range of Motion
      • An example of Range of Motion is taking your arm and drawing a big “O” without bending the elbows (How Big of a “O” can you make?)
        • Connective Tissue (i.e. Tendons, Ligaments, etc), Muscles, Bones have an influence on Range of Motion
      • When fatigue sets in, make sure that the first couple repetitions are the same as the last couple repetitions
      • As soon as range of motion decreases, figure out if stopping and resting before continuing helps increase range of motion or try to slow it down to maintain full range of motion (Lower Intensity). Other options are dropping the weight or modifying the exercise to increase range of motion
    • Flexibility Program for Range of Motion
      • Consistant Static Stretching
        • 30-60 Seconds on each Muscle Group
        • Lengthening Muscles
        • Helps expose any weaknesses (Areas to Work On)
      • SMR (Self Myofascial Release) aka Foam Rolling
        • Stimulate your muscles by add body weight to the roller
        • Roll your muscle on the roller and feel where it hurts the most
        • Helps expose any area of the body that needs attention
        • Increases blood flow, which aids in efficient recovery & maintenance
        • Prevents tight muscles (Tight Muscles = Decreased Range of Motion)

Long Term Goals:

  • Develop a Habit
    • Eat healthy without any thought
      • i.e. eat to provide calories which turn into energy
    • Train consistently without any “Bad” days
      • i.e. turn a bad day into a great day by focusing on a current weakness
    • Completely dive myself into Ironman mentality
      • i.e. Live, Breathe, Sleep and Eat Ironman
  • Maintain my Flexibility Program
    • Static Stretching 5-7 days a week
    • Self Myofascial Release (SMR) 5-7 days a week
    • Deep Tissue Massage every other week or once a month
  • Eye On The Prize
    • Have the same burning desire to train towards an Ironman as I had when I first committed
    • Use motivation to fuel me day in and day out
    • Surround myself with individuals who bring positive vibes & actions

Week 1:

October 15 (Monday) – October 21 (Sunday), 2012

October 14 (Sunday) I went to Costco to start analyzing what type of food I would start to buy.  Costco was my first pick because training for my Ironman would definitely spike my metabolism and it would be cheaper to buy bulk.

                                                                           Food From Costco

October 15 (Monday) I continued my normal Upper Body routine that consisted of heavier loads and targeting Chest & Back as well as Abs.  Throughout the Summer I stopped cardio to add some size. It is hard for me to let my current size go, so I decided to maintain my routine until I step up my training (1st month is just adapting to the bike & run). October 16 (Tuesday) I went on a 18.7 Mile Bike Ride with a friend.  October 17 (Wednesday) ran on the treadmill for a total of 25 minutes.  Started out at 5.0 speed for 5 minutes and increased the speed by .5 speed every 5 minutes till I hit 20 minutes. Then I brought it down to a jogging pace for 5 minutes for a cool down.  My goal was to expose my body to running and making sure my gait pattern (Stride) was correct throughout the run.  October 18 (Thursday) I decided to work on some free weights.  Worked on the upper body mainly the Chest, Back & Abs.  To be functional I am started to do 10-12 repetitions with 4 sets on each muscle group.  I.E. Dumbbell Flat Bench Press with 60 lbs each arm, 10 repetitions, 4 times through with a set of 20 V-Up (Crunches) with no rest between stations.  This gave me a sense of endurance and kept the heart rate up.  October 19 (Friday) I risked going on a bike ride after my last morning client.  Kept looking outside for the wind conditions and knew they were going to be blowing.  Told myself, “Matt, don’t think too much, this is training.  Therefore, attack it tough and know that if you die out or struggle, it is part of the training”.  Can’t complain on my 22.8 mile ride, felt a little stronger coming back home with the wind pushing me back.  October 20 (Saturday)-October 21 (Sunday) were my days to work on my business, teach my “Crush Fit” outdoors “Interval Training” class and let my body recover. On Sunday I performed my regular grocery store routine by going to Costco & Trader Joes.  Prepared all my portioned meals for the next few days.  Even though it consumes most of the day, it saves me time & money throughout the week.


Week 1 was exciting.  Back to the grind of training towards an important event.  Brought back many mental images of swimming.  Everyday I wake up, I focus on what my goals are for training and how I can be efficient throughout my training to compete in the Half Ironman & Ironman.  I felt strong throughout the training and put some more emphasis on nutrition to help my recovery and energy output.  First week was successful, completed my goal of running once and biking twice.

Grilling Chicken with BBQ Sauce

Week 2:

October 22 (Monday)  – October 27 (Saturday), 2012

October 22 (Monday) I worked on free weights.  Concentrated on the Upper Body & Abs.  Taking the weekend off, I knew that the body needed a proper warm up for the week.  Slightly heavy weight training (Moderate Intensity) concentrating on proper form and moving through the routine without a lot of rest.  October 23 (Tuesday) I went on a 20.9 mile bike ride with a friend.  We took a new route, which exposed my body to different elevations.  No particular goal except holding a pace throughout the Flats, Hills and downhills.  October 24 (Wednesday) was the same routine as Monday (Same Repetitions & Sets).  October 25 (Thursday) I went on a 22. 8 mile bike ride.  Took the same course as last Thursday and shaved off a couple minutes.  I was able to hold a quicker pace on the hills and definitely came back home quicker. October 26 (Friday) I woke up a little sore.  I knew that running would help finish the week off right.  I focused on holding a pace (6.0 Speed) for 20 minutes and cool down at a light jog (5.0 Speed) for 5 minutes.  October 27 (Saturday) I worked early morning and went back home to have a healthy breakfast.  A great friend of mine taught me to cook the “World’s Greatest Omelete”, which consisted of 2 eggs, Cheese, Broccoli, Bell Peppers & Avocado.  Took a “Tasty Nap”.  Woke up and made 2 sandwiches and sat in front of the tv to watch “2012 Ironman’s Kona World Championship”.  This is what I needed to get my mind focused and to see what really went on throughout the race.  It was amazing to watch the professionals, but most impressing was to watch the “Average Joes” like myself.  These are people that have jobs and lives outside of the training.  But all of them share one common goal, to finish the World’s Toughest Event.  October 28 (Sunday) I slept in late and made another “World’s Greatest Omelete”.  Went to Costco and Trader Joes to purchase more food and find more options to add to my food menu.


Week 2 went by quicker than the previous week.  Goals were the same, but I put some more emphasis on holding a pace for the bike and run.  My times were faster on the bike than the week 1, which gave me a lot of confidence.  Food though was a bit of a shocker for me.  Reflecting back when I swam, I would devour everything in my way.  For the last 3 years I have taught myself to eat small portion meals through out the day.  My Costco & Trader Joe food runs were not cutting it.  I was missing a piece to the puzzle.  Where were my Complex Carbohydrates?  I realized I needed Carbohydrates, lots of it, to help my body run longer throughout the training.

Road Bike

Week 3

October 29 (Monday) – November 4 (Sunday), 2012

October 29 (Monday) I woke up tired, so I decided to do some core work with abs followed by a steady pace run on the treadmill for 25 minutes.  After my run I focused on repairing my body with Stretching & Foam Rolling.  Monday is crucial to help set the pace for the week and focus on helping the body repair and maintain itself.  October 30 (Tuesday) I went on a 41.7 mile bike ride with a friend.  This long bike ride was not in my plans because I planned on only riding 20-30 miles throughout the first month.  But our intentions were to take it easy and just explore down south on PCH and take a break or two throughout the ride.  October 31 (Wednesday) I stayed at the gym and worked on Upper Body along with Abs.  I took my time throughout the routine and concentrated on form (technique) and adequately raised the weight to gain strength, while lowering the repetitions to balance the workload.   Made sure to follow my exercise routine with a post recovery shake (Endurox R4) and 20 minutes after I had a chicken bowl.  A couple hours later I decided to get back on the Hot Yoga train.  When I was training for my Half Marathon (June 5, 2011) I used Hot Yoga as a way to build natural strength (Body Weight) and build mental focus/ strength.  November 1 (Thursday) I went for a morning bike ride.  I changed my usual breakfast shake (Vega) because Tuesday I kept going to the bathroom (Too Much Liquids).  I cooked some pasta the night before and heated it up in the microwave half an hour before my ride.  I was able to tackle Newport Coast Drive (Very Steep Hill).  Made sure to stay hydrated with Gatorade and pop in my Shot Bloks or Clif Shots (Clif Bar) every 20 minutes.  Legs were sore and tired from the week, but definitely the breakfast and continuous energy throughout the bike ride helped me push.  November 2 (Friday) I had intentions to run on the treadmill for 20 minutes and workout the Upper Body, but ended up working and making several work related errands.  At the end of the day I couldn’t find motivation to exercise, so I decided to go home and put some time into my website for work.  Sometimes it happens, no motivation and no drive to go.  November 3 (Saturday) & November 4 (Sunday) I went out to Malibu, Ca to visit some friends.  I had the opportunity to swim and body surf several hours both days.  Not only does the swimming portion help me, but teaching my body to tolerate cold water is crucial for the temperature Utah has.


Week 3 was a huge week for me.  Training is under control and found a balance between food and work schedule.  Next area of attention I want to focus on is increasing duration & distance for swimming, biking and running.  I know my body will start feeling tired and sore, but that is when my nutrition (aids with recovery & maintenance) and flexibility program (Static Stretching & Foam Rolling) will keep my body fine tuned.  I looking at the Half Iron Man for St. George, Utah website and it gives me sweaty palms.  I can’t wait to fly out and finally reflect the night before the race and realize all the hard work and commitment I have put in.

Reflecting On How Beautiful Life Is


Week 4

November 5 (Monday) – November 11 (Sunday), 2012

Post Exercise (Tuna) & Pre Workout (Pasta)


November 5 (Monday) I woke up feeling very tired from a long weekend.  I did not hydrate enough and ate a lot of “Junk” (Large Portions without Snacks & High Sodium Foods) food.  Monday I woke up with the intentions of using the day as a warm up for the week. I went for a 22.8 mile bike ride with a friend, nothing fast, and decided to hold a pace and enjoy the beautiful weather.  At night I hit the gym and worked on Upper Body with Abs.  The day felt better than I thought, I was able to have my 1st split day training (2 different workouts in one day).  November 6 (Tuesday) I made sure to get a good nights sleep and woke up feeling great.  After my first training client I decided to eat a big bowl of oatmeal (2 packets of the instant oatmeal) and drink a bottle of Gatorade.  Put on my running clothes and started running on the Treadmill at 5.5 speed for 5 minutes.  I bumped it to 6.5 speed and decided to just try and hold a solid pace for a while.  I was able to hold a 6.5 speed pace for 25 minutes.  I noticed that the last 5 minutes were tough in a sense of holding a proper posture with gait pattern (foot stride) and tiring of the leg muscles.  After running I had another bottle of Gatorade and began to workout my Abs & Core.  My goal was to stress the Abs and incorporate core work throughout the sets.

2 Packets of Instant Oatmeal

November 7 (Wednesday) was a little bit of a surprise (completely forgot) because I was scheduled to appear at a Health Fair (Employee Appreciation) at the Hyatt in Huntington Beach, Ca.  After my morning clients I had an hour to eat and pack up my belongings to appear at the Hyatt.  I show up and find that there is a full on Buffet of Mediterranean Food.  For the most part everything was healthy, but for my sake, so I picked up a plate and went to town.  After I ate I was a little frustrated to see that the weather was beautiful and I was not going to get my ride in.  After the Health Fair I went back to work and had scattered clients for the rest of the day. I made to sure to consistently eat throughout the day.  I felt my lower back start to tighten up and gave me some frustrating aches.  This left me a little worried because I have had this type of pain before and it took a while to find the problem. What I found was that my lower back starts to tighten up and create a distinct pain within the Hip if I am not sleeping correct and consistant with my flexibility program. So last night I devoted some attention to using the Foam Roller and Baseball to dig around my Hip and Back to see where the pain was coming from.  I found that my entire hip complex and back was super tight.  This week is my fourth week of training and I have been training more consistant and harder, therefore, I should have been concentrating more on my muscles.  When I went to bed I made to sure to work on my position. Sleeping on my back with a Yoga Mat under my knees helps my hamstrings relax (not over stretch) and keeps my lower back flat on the bed (causing less stress on the lumbar).  This has been a huge help to relieve any lower back issue I have had.  The only difference I found, was flipping onto my stomach in the middle of the night. So starting tonight I would make sure to stay on my back and help alleviate any stress on my muscles, while sleeping. If you want more info on proper sleeping patterns for athletes, check out:

November 8 (Thursday) I woke up feeling normal!! I was excited that I was back on track. After my morning client I had a bowl of oatmeal and ran on the treadmill (due to rain I could not go for a bike ride) for 30 minutes at a 6.0 speed.  It felt awesome to run at a faster pace.  After my run I had a bottle of Gatorade and worked out my Upper Body and Abs.  I felt my lower back and glutes start to tighten up again. I went through my static stretching routine and then grabbed the baseball and rolled on it finding the areas that were over tight.  After rolling around on the baseball, I put the baseball up towards my middle back.  My Erector Spinae (Muscles on the Side of the Spine) and found that they were very tight.  Spent some time rolling on it and placing it in areas where the pain was high.  Stood up to walk around and found that I was walking more proper and had more range of motion within my hips and legs.  For the rest of the day I would concentrate on having proper posture (Chin Up, Shoulders Back & Stomach Drawn In).    That night I decided I needed to do some sort of exercise, so I ran on the treadmill again.  I repeated the same run as this morning.  It was a struggle at first, but was able to get into a rhythm that felt strong.  30 minutes was my cap though, it took some mental toughness to get through the last 10 minutes.  November 9 (Friday) I had a full morning training clients.  I decided to stop by Jan’s Health Bar (Downtown Huntington Beach) to grab my all time favorite Tuna Sandwich with Fruit.  Came back home and devoured it and laid on the couch to take a 30 minute nap.  Woke up in time to go to my Massage Appointment.  Part of my training program was to incorporate every other week or once a month massage.  The benefits of a massage are crucial when your body is stressed consistently.  After my massage I made sure to drink plenty of water and make sure not to exercise to let my body recover and heal.  November 10 (Saturday) I worked early morning and realized what a perfect day it was to go for a bike ride.  After my last client I prepared my bike and set out.  I felt like a million bucks going down PCH and realized the wind had significantly picked up.  Mentally I was prepared to tackle anything that was infront of me. “It is training, any added drag is extra training!”  I tackled my favorite hill (Newport Coast Drive) and it felt strong throughout the whole uphill.  There were a couple times I felt like my legs were burning out so I stood up and transfered most of the workload onto my quads and glutes.  At the top of the hill my heart raced and surprisingly dropped as my peddled and hydrated with my Gatorade.  Another sign that I was started to adapt to the workload I was placing on my body.  Once I rode back to PCH I felt the “Wall” of wind.  I put my game face on and lowered my body position (Aggressive Style) and pedaled away focusing on holding a steady pace.  Even though it sucked having the wind in my face the entire time, I felt strong.  I pedaled strong and felt like I was holding a decent pace that showed some improvements in my muscles and cardiovascular system.  I arrived back at the gym and interested in my performance (my odometer sensor went bad).  I was 3 minutes slower than the same ride I took last week with little to no wind.  Another big achievement under my belt!  November 11 (Sunday) I helped a friend move fitness equipment.  The entire time I focused on smart lifting and knew what my limits were.  By the end of the day I was exhausted, but had this urge to take a Hot Yoga Class.  This class always makes mind focus on proper posture while dripping in sweat and feels phenomenal once class is over.


Week 4 was great!  Mentally I felt like I was stronger and more consistent with my training than the weeks prior.  This week was what I was looking for.  It gave me a lot of confidence that I am adapting and progressing at the rate I want to.  Taking the Hot Yoga Class helped me focus on mental strength and focused on my flexibility.  I noticed my shoulders were lacking range of motion and my hip adductors were tight.  Light bulb went off in my head, I need to start stretching my shoulders and hip adductors a little more frequent to try and catch up with the amount of stress I am placing on them.  Week 4 is in the bag and looking forward to what week 5 has to offer.

May 4, 2013 I want to crack my piggy bank open and find a large sum of quarters.  Quarters represent the amount of practices I committed to.  This will give me the confidence I need.

November 12 (Monday) – November 18 (Sunday), 2012

Sandwich with Fruit & Real Guacamole

November 12 (Monday) was an early work day.  I had 2 hours to kill afterwards so I geared up for my treadmill run.  I went into it just finding a pace and sticking with it for about 30 minutes.  After 2 minutes of a light warm up, I picked it up to 6.0 Speed.  The first 15 minutes were a little tough, but I found the pace I was looking for.  I felt like I could hold that pace for a long time.  30 minutes approached and I was not exhausted, but I knew that I should bump the speed up a little and go for 40 minutes.  I was at 6.3 Speed and finished up strong.  I was tempted to go a little more, but told myself that this is just week 5, I have plenty of time left to train hard.  November 13 (Tuesday) I went on a bike with 2 other friends.  The weather was perfect, sunny with little to no wind.  We set out to ride the regular 27.2 mile loop.  We made sure not to draft off each other. I was excited to see what pace I could hold on the Newport Coast Drive Hill.  Finally a friend gave me their computer with sensor since my odometer was not working.  I took the hill with a 12 mph pace and was determined not to drop it.  My legs felt strong, but cardiovascular I was huffing and puffing.  I dropped my pace down to 11 mph and immediately bumped up a gear and stood up.  I picked up my pace to 12 mph and was able to hold it all the way up.  On the ride back (North on PCH) I was able to tuck (Aggressive Riding) and hold 24-25 mph.  This was a first for me, the ride back usually was tough due to my lack of energy.  Consistently hydrating with Gatorade and taking my Clif Shots and or Clif Shot Blocks throughout the ride also made a huge difference in energy output.  November 14 (Wednesday) after my morning clients, I geared up for my treadmill run by having a small sandwich with Gatorade.  Popped a Clif Shot (Gel Pack) and chugged some water.  Warmed up for 2 minutes and immediately paced myself at a 6.0 Speed.  At 20 minute marker I bumped it to 6.3 Speed.  For some reason my legs were struggling and I couldn’t find a pace.  I decided that this run was going to be my tough day, therefore, I set a goal to keep that same pace for a full 30 minutes and bring it down to 6.0 Speed for 5 minutes.  So my total running time was 35 minutes and put about 4 miles in distance.  Everything can’t be perfect, I know these struggling days will be no stranger.  All I do is stare “Tough Days” in the eye and know it will shape me into the athlete I am.  November 15 (Thursday) After my morning clients I geared up for my regular Beach Blvd/PCH Loop.  Only problem was food, I worked 4 hours back to back with only small snacks to keep me from starving.  Once I was done with my last client I ate a bowl with 2 Instant Oatmeal Packs.  I was still hungry though.  I made a small sandwich with chips.  Felt a lot better and knew that it was crucial to have a good ride.  I packed up a Clif Shot and Clif Shot Blocks and my Gatorade.  I am currently working on effective ways to fuel my body during my bike ride.  I am starting to figure out that every 20 minutes I take about 2 Clif Shot Blocks with a mouthful of Gatorade.  5 minutes before the big hill (Newport Coast Drive) I take a full Clif Shot (Gel Pack) and wash it down with a couple gulps of Gatorade.  Today though my ride was rough from the start. Going South on PCH was windy and was only able to hold a 17 mph pace and felt a little sluggish.  Luckily I did not have to wait till the light was green for me to cross over to tackle my hill (Newport Coast Drive).  Went straight up it and definitely was a rough climb.  Tucked down several times trying to get as much power from my stride till my legs were on fire and I had to stand up stretching out my legs and making sure my oxygen consumption was controlled preventing my heart rate from spiking. Once I got to the top of the hill I made sure to start gearing up (Shifting Up) to work on my recovery performance.  On my way back on PCH traveling North I had several good straight aways with green lights averaging 23-25 mph.  All in all, the ride was great, I can’t complain!  Thursday night I found an opening in my schedule to fit an hour of weight lifting.  I concentrated on Upper Body. The reason for training again at night was to start training myself to do Split Day Workouts (2 different training sessions in a day).  November 16 (Friday) I went to my Massage Appointment. I am glad I went in for a massage because I was having some minor issues with my right shoulder.  After my massage I came back home and concentrated on taking it easy and reflecting on the week.  I was able to get a lot done with the training and book my Hotel, Air Fare & Ticket for St. George, Utah Half Ironman.  November 17 (Saturday) & November 18 (Sunday) I did a bunch of nothing.  I am taking advantage of completing my 5th week and know that in the future to come I will be consumed with my Business & Training.

I wake up thinking of this every morning



Week 5 is wrapped up and placed in the closet.  Reflecting on this week I can say that I was able to do everything I wanted and was able to push 100% even if it was a good training session or not.  I have the “Eye of the Tiger”, I go to sleep thinking of what I am going to do the next day and where I will push myself to improve my time.  Everyday I think of the day I land in St. George, Utah and start soaking in the scenery.  I think of walking around Friday, the day before race, preparing my transition (between events) areas and mentally focusing on my Half Ironman.  Friday was a big day for me too, my massage therapist helped uncover some issues with my right shoulder.  Long story short, throughout my work days I use my left arm more (i.e. move weight plates, help transfer weights) throughout the day. This has caused my left shoulder (Upper Body Left Side) to increase in mass, more than the right side.  Along with over using my Left Side, riding my bike more often has caused my posterior deltoid and chest muscles to over activate. Now I need to implement some strengthening exercises to help balance my issues (i.e. posterior deltoid & scapula muscles) and keep up with my flexibility program (Static Stretching & Foam Rolling).

Fueling my Ride


November 19 (Monday) – November 25 (Sunday), 2012

November 19 (Monday) I started the week off by running on the treadmill.  I ran for 40 minutes at a steady pace (fast than the week prior) that totalled a little more than 4 miles.  This week my priority was to increase speed.  I want to expose my muscles to some speed a long with distance.  After my treadmill I worked on my shoulder and upper back with weights.  With all my bike riding, my back side shoulders need some more strengthening.  Still practicing what I preach, I foam rolled and stretched.  November 20 (Tuesday) I geared up for my bike ride.  Knowing that the bike is my weakness (lack of experience), I have a priority throughout this training to not have a weakness.  Leaving the gym I was set on my Loop Ride, but riding down PCH I cranked up the gears and felt like this ride was all about speed.  I kept the highest gears except for the hills, where I geared down to maintain my average speed.  This was the first time I felt like my legs were swollen and on fire throughout the ride.  On the ride back, I encountered some wind, but I tucked down low and kept the cadence (Pace) to stay above 20 mph average.  All I could think about was my strength, the ability to put my body through any challenge I wanted to, making each training session stronger and stronger.  November 21 (Wednesday) I woke up with some tender & sore muscles.  Prepared myself in the morning by Foam Rolling and Fueling myself for a long & fast run.  After 10 minutes I settled into a pace and continued to increase the speed throughout the 45 minutes.  Last 5 minutes went by a little slow and noticed that my stride was starting to fall apart.  I made it a point to hang on and concentrate on each stride.  Excited to get back on my bike tomorrow and enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday week by spending it with family and eating like a viking!! November 22 (Thursday) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I woke up early and took advantage of the fact I did not have any  early clients and went on a bike ride.  In mind I wanted to make the most of my Thanksgiving Training by doing something out of the ordinary.  The thought was sparked recently when I was conversing with an old College Swimming Buddy.  We were talking about back in Year Around Club Swimming we would do these huge yardage workouts on Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years.  Some of our practices would be 7,000-10,000 yards total (i.e. 16 x 200 yd Best Stroke on the 2:30).  Pretty much it was all mental and pushed us past our breaking points.  Now we look back at it and realize that we can mentally do whatever we put our mind into.  Now back to reality, I woke up and decided that I needed more energy (Calories) than normal. I made a Quesadilla and tall glass of Chocolate Milk.  I grabbed 3 Clif Shots (Gels) and a Clif Shot Blok.  Heading out on the bike I had in mind of doing my normal ride (Up Newport Coast Drive), immediately riding back down and going up again.  Something that I need to get myself to do more often to replicate hills.  I went south on PCH and held a 20-21 mph pace, which felt so easy, and made me realize that I was starting to adapt to this pace.  I made sure to take a Clif Shot Gel about 10 minutes before my hill.  As I approached and cut left and made my way up the hill.  I knew I did not want to take it out too fast, just hold a pace so I can make it up again.  I kept looking down at my odometer and paid attention to my body.  10 mph was my pace that felt comfortable.  I made it up to the peak and immediately grabbed my Gatorade and another Clif Shot.  I tucked low and flew down the hill.  I knew that I needed to keep my legs moving a little to let the blood circulate to prevent my muscles from slowing down.  As soon as I made it down, I immediately made a “U” and went back up. My goal was to hold 10 mph pace up it again.  Towards the top I had to stand up and pedal to help my legs stretch out and  maintain the pace.  At the peak I grabbed the Gatorade and Clif Shot again and chugged.  I tucked down low and flew down again.  But, wait, I was not satisfied.  I want more, I had a huge rush of adrenaline.  Every time I think of Turkey (Thanksgiving) I think of Bowling (I used to bowl for a league and 3 Strikes was a Turkey).  Why not do a Tri Hill Turkey Day???  I turned around and made my way up for the third time.  No going back, just my mind and some tired legs.  I had to stand up several times and let a couple yells to help me boost some adrenaline to keep the pace.  At the top and let a huge sigh of relief that I did something that I was not ready for, but goes to show you that the mind can do anything.  On my ride back (North on PCH) I felt beat up and tried holding a 20 mph pace.  As I kept pedaling I kept feeling better and stronger.  I started to hold a 23 mph pace and once I made it back to Huntington Beach on PCH I had a straight away where I would be able to hold a pace that pushed my body pasted its breaking point.  23 mph was the fastest I could go and it hurt to maintain.  Once I made it back to Beach Blvd, I started my cool down and chugged the rest of my Gatorade.  Victory is mine, Distance is never set in stone and I am my own competition.  Nothing will get in the way of me training and pushing past my comfort zone.  I was raised training past my comfort, now I am excited to see what other achievements I can succeed in through my training.

Thanksgiving 30lb Pork Leg

November 23 (Friday) through November 25 (Sunday) I spent it with family back home.  This was the opportunity for me to get away from work and my environment and just be with my family.  Last couple days were awesome, but I am ready to head back home and start working/ training.


Week 6 is in the bag.  Short training week, but was able to get high quality training in.  I was happy with my runs, but more excited with my Tri Turkey Ride.  I was able to spend quality time with my parents and family.  I was able to get away from my daily surroundings and spend time where I grew up.  I ate a lot of great foods that I don’t prepare myself.  This week was focused on the most important part of life, Giving Thanks.  Thanks for the special parents I have, Thanks for the Role Models I had growing up and Thanks for the health I have.

November 26 (Monday) – December 2 (Sunday), 2012

November 26 (Monday) I enjoyed getting back into my workout routine.  I feel like the last couple days dragged on and the surplus of food was not helpful.  I geared up and jumped on the Treadmill (4 miles in 40 minutes).  I had a slow warm up, but I cranked up the speed to see how far I could hang on.  After my run I was able to get a great Foam Rolling session followed by some Stretching.  November 27 (Tuesday) I geared up for my bike ride.  Now that I set the bar up high with 3 hill climbs (Newport Coast Drive), I will have to stick to 2 hill climbs every time I go on a ride.  Now that I am more efficient with my rides, I want to concentrate on my take out speed and coming back home speed. On my way towards Newport Coast Drive I was averaging 21-23 mph.  I averaged 10 mph up the hill.  On my way back home I was averaging 22-23 mph.  I can definitely tell how 3 days of complete sedentary time along with large abundance of eating can really hurt performance.  It was a strong ride, but just felt at times like I couldn’t kick in the burners for extra energy.

Scenic Route

November 28 (Wednesday) My knees are a little achy and my thighs are sore.  My shoulders still are bugging me a little.  This morning I had an hour to kill so I worked on some Back Exercises (i.e. Rows, Pull Ups, etc), Shoulder Exercises (i.e. Deltoids, Rotator Cuff, etc) and Abs (i.e. Leg Lifts, Physio Ball).  After my workout I felt a lot better and most importantly I felt stronger.  Shines light how riding a bike can put you in a position (Anterior Position/ Over Active Pectoralis & Front Deltoids) that can cause some imbalances.  Mid afternoon I was able to get back into the pool.  It is about time for me to swim 1-2 times a week.  My goal is to start off with a 500 yd swim (50 yds Free Style Kick w/Board & 50 yds Free Style Swim).  Going into specifics, I want to make sure that I holding a constant speed within my kicking with a board and having a long tight streamline with one or two strokes off the wall without breathing, followed by an every 3rd breathing cycle (3 strokes per breathe).  This will stress the lungs (Opening Capacity for more O2 Intake) as well as teaching the body to efficiently utilize more percentage of oxygen with every breathe.  This will help out with my biking and running.

The Pool Where I Swim

November 29 (Thursday) I was bummed out that it was raining. Then I looked at the forecast and realized that rain was staying with us till about Sunday.  For now I am throwing the bike behind me and sticking to Running & Swimming.  Today I ran on the Treadmill.  My day started very early with a Business Meeting, then came back to train clients.  I was starving, but had no way of grabbing food, so I snacked on some Meal Replacement Shakes with Protein Bars.  After my last client I ran across the street to grab a quick bite (4 Piece Sushi) to satisfy me.  I came back to the gym to gear up for my run.  20 minutes into the run I felt like my sugar levels were very low.  I jumped off the Treadmill and grabbed a Clif Gel.  Jumped back on the Treadmill and didn’t feel any difference.  About 15 minutes later I felt a little better, so I went for my goal of 50 minutes.  50 Minutes on the Treadmill totalled 5 Miles.  November 30 (Friday) Was an early and short day for work.  Fridays are my massage days. After every massage I make sure to drink plenty of water and continue my clean eating.  December 1 (Saturday) I worked early and continued my rest & relaxation marathon.  I made sure to stay on top of my eating and mentally prepare myself for week 8 (end of 2nd month) of training.  December 2 (Sunday) took advantage and slept in late and made myself a delicious breakfast.  Ate a full lunch and decided to head into the gym and work on Upper Body with Abs.  After the gym I drove to the pool and decided to swim a quick 600 yds (50 yds Freestyle Swim & 50 yds Kick w/ a Board).  It felt great to be back in the pool while it was raining. Brought back great memories of training hard no matter what time of day it was or weather the season brought.


Goals During Club Year Around Swimming


Week 7 was a great week.  Weather brought in some rain that kept me off the bike.  Instead I Ran a little more and swam twice.  This week brought back some great memories of my younger years of training year around for swimming.  When I went back home (Palmdale) for Thanksgiving I came across these sheets of paper laying down on my night stand.  I remember the day my Coach gave us these sheets of paper for us to take home and put them somewhere we would see them.  “No Excuses” this sheet to this days reads loud because I live life with this phrase.  I believe that we all have problems, we all have troubles, but what we do (Actions) matter in the long haul (Actions Speak Louder Than Words).  The second sheet “Time Standards” for swimming both Short Course (25 yd) and Long Course (50 M).  Every year our goal was to shave time off our events to qualify for higher standards and make certain Swim Meets to separate ourselves from the rest.  I knew what times I needed for all my top strokes and what I needed to get there.  The third sheet “AVA Goals” was a little motivational speech on why we wake up at 5AM and go back to practice again at 5PM.  And at the bottom was a space for us to write down Short Term & Long Term Goals.  This reminded me that I should do the same for my Half Ironman & Ironman Training.  Starting week 8 I will start to plan my training week by week.  It will keep me in focus and allow my training to stay up to par without settling down.  Making myself sit down every Sunday to plan my week will psychologically keep me driven and not distracted.  Each week I want to reflect back and realize that something new came up and that I learned from any mistakes I made.

Every link of the chain matters. It only takes one link to slowly fall apart before it completely breaks the whole chain.  That is why I need to keep addressing all areas of my training.

December 3 (Monday) – December 9 (Sunday), 2012:

December 3 (Monday) I decided that this week was my time to step it up a notch!  Since the rains have lasted longer than I anticipated, I am going to be running more and swimming more.  I made sure to eat some pasta I had made yesterday before my run.  Today I ran on the Treadmill for 40 mins (total of 4 miles) and immediately went to the pool to swim 600 yds (50 yds Freestyle Swim & 50 yds Kick w/ a Board).  After the run I made sure to prepare myself a Post Exercise Recovery Drink and after the swimming I went to Fuji Grill to grab a Chicken Bowl.  I ate half of it and saved the other half for an hour later.

Fuji Grill Chicken Bowl

December 4 (Tuesday) I was able to finish with my morning client early to drop in the Spin Class (Fitness Addiction).  Last week was a bummer due to the rain and today was just too wet for me to ride.  It has been a long time since I had done Spin.  I knew that days that I couldn’t go out riding due to the weather, I would have to compensate with indoor Spin Bikes.  The class kicked my butt, I kept tension on the bike to get the most out of the legs and helped simulate hilly/windy conditions.  After Spin Class I grabbed 10lb Dumbbells and worked out my Rotator Cuff.  I still was having some issues with my shoulders, therefore, I knew I had to spend time strengthening the shoulders.  December 5 (Wednesday) I woke sore, mostly throughout my scapula and lower trapezius. It felt great because I knew I had not spend anytime working those muscles out, and feeling sore showed me they were weak.  I had a small gap between clients so I ran on the treadmill.  I slowly warmed up by raising the speed every 5 minutes.  At the 30 minute marker I was feeling great, the pace was efficient and my legs felt stronger.  I crept up on 40 minutes and knew that I should go for 50 minutes, but keep a comfortable pace.  I bumped it up to 7.5 Speed for 5 minutes (Total 45 minutes), then I bumped it up again to 8 Speed for the last 5 minutes (Total 50 minutes).  Then I cooled down by slowly dropping the speed till I came to a slow jog and finally ended with an easy walk.  Immediately I went over to my water bottle and mixed my Endurox R4 and drank it quickly.  Then I grabbed my pasta (Pre made) and a can of Tuna.  At 11AM I went to Hot Yoga for a Power Flow Class.  I am a big fan of Hot Yoga because the temperature helps my muscles loosen up and the poses really shine light on my weakness (muscle weakness, flexibility & mental focus).  Immediately after class I had another bottle of Endurox R4 and drove to the pool for a quick 600 yd swim.  Surprisingly my swim was stronger than before.  Not only was my oxygen intake easier, but I kept pushing speed throughout the 600 yds without losing energy.



December 6 (Thursday) I went for a 29 mile bike ride.  It was the first ride with my new Aero Bars (Triathlon Handle Bars that Allow the Arms to Rest & More Aerodynamic).  I found out half way through the ride that I needed to adjust the Aerobars.  Also my seat needed some more adjusting.  Besides the minor issues with my bike, I had a great ride.  It has been a little over a week (Due to the Rainy Weather) since my last ride, so the first part of the ride was tough, but on my way back I was able to pace myself.  Once I got back I had my Pasta & Tuna and immediately adjusted my Aerobars & Seat.  December 7 (Friday) I woke with my lower body sore & stiff.  I was able to fit in some Shoulder, Back Exercises and Foam Rolling the Entire Body.  Later on in the day I had my massage.  My massage therapist told me to stay on top of my Stretching and Foam Rolling because she was feeling my muscles tighter than before.  December 8 (Saturday) I was able to get in a nap and foam rolled a little. Later in the evening I took a Hot Yoga class.  I was hesitant in taking it, but glad I did.  It felt amazing to take the class because of the Heat, Mental Focus and Stability Work.  December 9 (Sunday) I woke up early and went on a 29 mile bike ride with my Aerobars & Seat adjusted.  The adjustments were great.  It felt great from the beginning and got better towards the end.  I will move the seat up a little more because it felt like I kept sliding forward.  I ate my Post Exercise Food (Pasta & Tuna) with my Endurox R4 drink.  An hour after I immediately did my Shoulder & Back Exercises with the Dumbbells and Foam Rolled between sets.


Week 8 is a great chapter.  Even though I was tired and woke up every morning super drained from the training, I was able to get my game face on and perform better than expected.  Really showed me how important my state of mind and commitment plays throughout my training.  The weather out here (Huntington Beach, Ca) is extremely nice.  But we are starting to see some scattered rain fall.  I have to keep checking the week’s forecast to make sure that I am able to get the most bike rides in.  This week was my first week I incorporated a Sunday training day.  I feel like I am going to have to fit in a Sunday morning activity (most likely bike since it is calm throughout PCH), because Saturdays are too draining since I teach 2 early classes.  I keep picturing myself landing into St. George, Utah and just taking a deep breathe and finally realizing that this is the real thing.  The rate I am going, I will be prepared for the Half Ironman.  Month 2 is a wrap and looking back at it, I am extremely satisfied.

State of Mind is important with anything you do, but most importantly knowing that certain things can’t be controlled is part of the patience with long term goals.  Adjust, Re-Adjust and Finalize are the steps to moving forward.


December 10 (Monday) – December 16 (Sunday), 2012

December 10 (Monday) I ran on the treadmill for 40 minutes and a total of 4 miles.  Immediately afterwards I took my Enurox R4 drink and some pasta.  After showering up I got my Foam Roller and started to use it.  My legs are still sore from Sunday’s Ride.  I have noticed that Foam Rolling has been hurting more than usual.  When hurting is involved with Foam Rolling, then the muscle is not healthy.  A couple hours later, I went to the pool to swim.  Starting today I needed to change my swimming routine.  My prior routine was a total of 600 yds (50 yds Swim & 50 yds Kick w/ a Board).  My new routine is a total of 1,100 yds (100 yds swim & 50 yds kick w/ a Board)  and then at the end I swam a 200 yds (20 yds under water dolphin kick & 30 yds freestyle swim).  Half way through the set my triceps were killing me.  Forgot how much influence swimming has on the triceps.  December 11 (Tuesday) REALITY CHECK!  I was excited to get on my bike for a fast ride.  My goal was to take it out fast (averaging 24 mph), go up and down Newport Coast Drive and back home (averaging quicker mph). I have realized that my biking is the same as every other activity I do (i.e. swimming, running), I need to gradually warm up into my pace or else I hit a wall that takes a long time to climb and continue moving forward.  My legs started to burn and fatigue.  I tackled Newport Coast Drive (Hill) at a reasonable speed  (11 mph), but it was very tough.  On my way home, I approached Corona Del Mar and realized my tire was flat.   I pulled over and started working on my tube. Patched it and filled it with my CO2 Cartridge.  The valve was broken, could not close it up.  I got my spare inter tube and did the same and found it had a hole too.  I called a Taxi Cab (Van) and took it back to the gym.  Immediately after I ate and showered, I went to the bike shop (Bicycle-Discovery) to purchase 2 tubes, 2 CO2 Cartridges & a Patch Kit.  Today I learned that these basic essentials for biking costs money and to not let your guard down.  I need to look into my emergency pack every month to know exactly what I have and what I need in case this happens again.  

Fixing a Flat Tire

December 12 (Wednesday) I ran on the treadmill early in the morning between clients.  Funny thing was my legs were sore from Monday.  I took time to warm up and started to increase my speed and settle for a pace.  Lets just say my running was a struggle.  I forced myself to not stop short of 50 minutes.  Total distance for my run was 50 minutes at 4 miles.  In reality, this was not good and I was a little disappointed.  I immediately reflected back on this week and realized that I had been struggling with my physical performance.  Time to change this pattern!  I will not have a bad day, I will force something positive out of a negative.  An hour and a half later I took a 90 minute spin class (Fitness Addiction).  I was not able to get a full ride in yesterday, so why not start over and try for a full ride.  I was still not satisfied!  2 hours later I went for a swim. Same routine as Monday (1,100 yds).  TODAY WAS A GREAT DAY!

Typical Lunch

Typical Lunch

December 13 (Thursday) I woke up sore and stiff.  No specific areas of the body, just full body.  It felt great because my body is starting to adapt towards the stresses of Swimming, Biking and Running.  This morning I went through a series of Upper Body & Ab exercises to change up the routine.  December 14 (Friday) I was able to sneak in a quick 3.5 mile run in 30 minutes on the treadmill.  I gradually increased the speed by .5 every five minutes.  I had to cap the speed off at 7.0 and was able to pace it for 15 minutes.  Immediately took my Endurox R4.  The weather here in Huntington Beach has been a little sketchy.  Forecast says one thing and the weather does another.  Definitely the weather has been colder and the wind is starting to pick up.  Normally at around 11AM the winds start to pick up a long PCH.  Now the winds are starting to pick up at 9AM.  All I know is that I will have to start thinking of alternative biking options for the next few weeks.  Holidays are coming and I will be leaving town.  Till I leave to visit family, I will try to fit in as many training days as possible to compensate for the days that I will be off.  Later in the day I will be going for a massage.  Looking forward to it since this week has been a little tougher than usual.  December 15 (Saturday) Last night I went to a Christmas Party and came back way too late.  After teaching my Crush Fit Classes I came home and ate breakfast.  I was hoping to take a long nap and take a Hot Yoga Class.  For some reason I could not go back to bed so I decided to clean up the house and at around 12pm I took my necessary nap.  Thinking about going to the gym to exercise, but rest is essential in having a productive workout.  Today is a scratch and I know once New Years is over, I will be back on track without any interruptions.  As far as Nutrition, I am eating small consistent meals and staying hydrated.  December 16 (Sunday) I woke up early and went for a 29 mile bike ride.  My goal was to work on holding a faster pace out towards Newport Coast Drive and bringing it back faster than usual.  I have noticed that going out towards Newport Coast Drive is rough.  I feel like I need a longer warm up before I try to pick up my pace.  I am thinking that next week I will go past Newport Coast Drive for a couple miles and turn around to hit up the Newport Coast Drive Hill.  This will add more mileage as well as give me the opportunity to get more of a warm up in.

Costco Pizza "So Good"

Costco Pizza “So Good”


Week 9 was another great addition to my Training.  I have to invest in Winter gear to help my training outside.  Holidays are coming quickly and I need to continue on my Training Track and control as much as possible, so I can afford time lost when the Holidays do come.  Each week continues to improve and I am noticing huge improvements with Strength and Cardiovascular Performance.

I will continue to improve and push past my comfort zone!  I am the weakest link, therefore, I will remind myself day in and day out “What is my Goal today?”

December 17 (Monday) – December 23 (Sunday), 2012

December 17 (Monday) I ran on the treadmill for 5 miles in 45 minutes.  It felt much better and felt like I was able to hold a quicker pace.  I went to the pool and swam my new routine 1,100 yds.  I was able to swim my 100 yds (4 laps) a lot quicker, while holding a clean technique.  During my 50 yd (2 laps) kick with a board, I was a lot more out of breathe.  I did notice that my last 4 x 50 yds with the first 20 yds underwater (Streamline Dolphin Kick) were easier.  December 18 (Tuesday) The weather was not friendly.  Rained first part of the day and the winds came in and did not provide any mercy till the next day.  I was able to sneak into the Spin Class early in the morning (6AM).  This class kicked my butt!  My goal was to keep tension on the bike the entire class.  Legs were on fire for some of the Hill Training as well as the Sprints.  At 3PM I went over to Hot Yoga and did a Power Flow Yoga Class.  The instructor had us do a lot of lunge position, which did not help.  There were several instances that I had to break the pose just to give my legs a little rest.  I already feel my legs sore and exhausted.  December 19 (Wednesday) Definitely crawling out of bed with sore Back & Legs.  Feels good though.  Talk about cold (for Southern California), it was 49 degrees in my Apartment.  I went to sleep with a hoodie sweater and sweat pants.  I had a couple 1 hour breaks between clients, so I made use of it and worked on Upper Body with Abs.  I concentrated on Strengthening Exercises for the shoulders.  My goal for the treadmill was to do the same as Monday or better.  Mission complete, I was able to do the same (45 minutes, total of 5 miles).  I tested myself with the speeds.  I got up to 9.0 Speed and held it for 5 minutes and had no issues with my technique.  I slowly increased it to 10 Speed and it felt good, but as soon as I hit one minute I definitely started to stomp with my stride.  It was a great feeling being able to get to those speeds.  It has been several years since I have been able to do that.  Definitely shows me that my legs are strong and able to hold paces.  I immediately drank my Endurox R4 and went to the pool.  My goal was to hold a faster pace without compromising my technique.  I want to keep my breathing pattern (Off my Walls & During my Swim), but pick up my speed.  Going off tangent, swimming is so neat to me because it is such a “Feeling” sport.  When you fully understand swimming (Technique) and you build an aerobic base, you start to feel the water as you swim.  You feel the difference between Drag (Resistance) and Hydrodynamics (Cutting Through the Water).  So back to my swim today, I was able to feel my self glide through the water, while pulling water with my whole arm.  As soon as I felt “Drag” I immediately focused on my stroke and I was back to my “Hydrodynamic” stroke.  My underwater dolphin kicks were easier and felt smooth throughout.  December 20 (Thursday) The word of the week was “Freezing”!  This week I was not able to ride, besides the Spin Class on Tuesday, so I had to jump on my bike regardless of the weather.  I still have not gone and bought some winter riding gear.  Finally I convinced myself to prepare for my ride and set off towards PCH.  Everything but my fingers were able to tolerate it.  Funny thing was I took it out faster than usual and the only thing on my mind was to get my core temperature UP to warm my extremities.  My goal was to speed up my pace up Newport Coast Drive, so I finally lowered my front gear down.  Definitely felt my legs spin a little faster and able to get a little more power out of the stroke.  Inversely I was a little more winded because I was working a little harder.  I was holding 10 mph up the hill.  This hill warmed me up and I headed back to the gym.  The wind started to pick up against me.  Was not able to bring it back home fast like the previous rides, but definitely made sure to feel strong and maintain a pace.  December 21 (Friday) I had a 2 hour gap in the morning so I ran on the treadmill.  My goal was 50 minutes and at least 5 miles.  After 15-20 minutes I was trying to find my stride/pace, but it did not show up.  Lets just say it was a struggle to finish my 50 minutes and barely ran 5 miles.  I have noticed a pattern, every Thursday I have struggled with my runs.  From Monday to Thursday I am training hard and trying to out perform the previous week.  No massage this week, due to Holidays.  Made sure to Stretch Out and Foam Roll.  December 22 (Saturday) I had 30 minutes to kill before my 7AM Crush Fit Class, so I worked on Upper Body (Resistance Training & Shoulder Strengthening).   December 23 (Sunday) Visiting the parents for the Holidays and taking advantage of all the great food!!


Week 10 Holidays are here! Temptations are closer, eating foods that are not healthy and late nights at parties.  It is hard to say no because “It only comes once a year” and what is life about… “Have a great time with the ones you love”.  I was able to get some winter gear to start using on my rides and my goal is to start running outdoors.  The rains have been coming at least once a week, which throws in a curve ball into the training.  New Years is around the corner.  Can’t wait to get back on track and be more consistent.

2012 is coming to an end.  The past is history and we can only learn from it to continue moving forward into 2013.

December 24 (Monday) – December 30 (Sunday), 2012

Vega Morning Breakfast Shake

Vega Morning Breakfast Shake

December 24 (Monday) & December 25 (Tuesday) I did nothing but help around my parents house and take advantage of their Hot Tub.  December 25 (Tuesday) I drove back to Huntington Beach, Ca.  I had to get back into my workout routine.  I went to the gym at night and did Weight Resistance with Upper Body & Abs.  December 26 (Wednesday) I woke up early and ran on the treadmill.  As an athlete you know how important consistency is with training, but it is a huge reminder whenever you take time off and get back into the routine.  My run felt horrible, but knew that it was the price I had to pay for taking time off (Lack of Exercise & Nutrition).  I ran 4 miles within 50 minutes.  Even though it hurt, it feels good being back in the game.  December 27 (Thursday) I took an early morning Spin Class and immediately went to the pool and swam 1,400 Yds. The swim felt better than I thought it would be.  I was able to hold my breathe for the under waters a lot easier without much rest between each 50 yds.  December 28 (Friday) Jumped on the Treadmill and ran for 45 mins for a total of 5.3 miles.  I was impressed with the results.  With the Christmas Holiday time off, I thought I was going to have to play catch up for a week or two.  December 29 (Saturday) I couldn’t sneak in a workout for the first half of the day.  I decided Saturday would be my day to just lay low and relax.  December 30 (Sunday) I took an early Spin Class.  I wanted to go outside for a bike ride, but the weather was a little sketchy.  Rather be safe than sorry.  Later in the evening I went back to the gym and Lifted Weights.  Concentrated on Upper Body & Abs to keep my body strong and help balance my muscles used to Swim, Run & Bike.


Week 11 was great.  With time off because of Christmas and Family, I was still able to perform up to par.  Now I am looking forward to continuing my training through the New Year.  My goal is to go for a ride on New Years Morning.

End of the year is coming full speed. Keep your chin up and work harder than you are capable of.

December 31 (Monday) – January 6 (Sunday), 2013

December 31 (Monday) I ran on the treadmill for 56 minutes for a total of 6 miles.  Immediately after I went over to the pool and swam my 1,400 yds workout.  What a great way to start the week!  New Year’s Eve I will be laying low and resting up for my bike ride on New Year’s Day.  January 1 (Tuesday) I went on a morning ride to take advantage of less traffic on the road.   I geared up for my bike ride.  My goal was to go down PCH (South) till Downtown Laguna Beach, then back North on PCH and loop Newport Coast Drive once and return home.  The stretch between Newport Coast Drive & Downtown Laguna Beach are several rolling hills that are crucial to my training.  Eventually I would like to do the same route with 2-3 loops of Newport Coast Drive.  January 2 (Wednesday) I ran on the Treadmill for 50 minutes for a total of 4.5 miles.  After the first 15 minutes I knew my body was “Beat Up” from the bike ride.  So I decided to take advantage of the lack of speed and concentrate on slower runs through hills.  I ran 3 hills (Incline @ 2.0 and Speed @ 6.0).  It is amazing how different Flat Running and Hill Running are.  A great addition to my training.  January 3 (Thursday) I tried fitting in a Bike Ride, but work and errands got in the way. I decided to just let it go and make the most of the day with my business.  January 4 (Friday) I woke up at 4:30AM with the Cold Sweats, Shivers and Body Aches throughout my entire body.  Went to work for the first half of the day, but couldn’t shake it off. Went back home and slept for several hours and woke up feeling worse.  To add to it, I developed a bad fever.  Got the proper medication and took a shower to help me cool off.  Woke up at midnight in a pool of sweat.  Broke my fever and got rid of my body aches.  I kept wanting to go to work in the morning, but kept thinking about my training.  January 5 (Saturday) I decided to stay in and rest.  I had the urge to get up and walk around, but as soon as I walked a little my energy was zapped.  A reality check that I needed the rest in order for my body to function properly.  January 6 (Sunday) Woke up even better, but still lacked that energy I am used to having.


Week 12 was a roller coaster.  I started off the week great.  Pushed my body a step further and ready to take my training to another level. Then Friday I am blindsided by a 24 hour Flu that tore my body up.  Saturday and Sunday were used to do absolutely nothing in order for me to recover.  Part of me wants to get back into my training Monday, but the other part wants me to slowly get back to training next week without pushing hard (go through the motions).  Realistically, I need to take it easy this next week so I don’t allow my flu to relapse.  Definitely it puts a hold on my training, but that is part of the game.  Being prepared for any scenario is part of any athlete training for an event.

Fall off the Horse.  Stand up and shake the dirt off.  Get back on the Horse.  Repeat in that order.

January 7 (Monday) – January 13 (Sunday), 2013:

Eating Healthy & Keeping my Immune System Healthy

Eating Healthy & Keeping my Immune System Healthy

January 7 (Monday) I woke up feeling a lot better.  Only problem was the lack of energy.  I decided that I would lift weights to expose my body to movement that I lacked since Friday.  Even the light weights and shorter repetitions were tough.  I laughed out loud, how amazing it is that last week I was at my peak with training and now it feels like I am starting from scratch.  Chin up and keep moving forward.  After this week, I will be back to regular training and it will take me no time to catch up.  January 8 (Tuesday) I had the opportunity to take the early morning spin class.  I was interested to see how my body would react with High Intense Cardio.  I took a Clif Shot half way through class to help me get through class.  I did sweat a lot more than usual and felt winded (tired) from the hill training.  After class I stretched my entire body and foam rolled.  Towards the end of the day I really felt drained and exhausted.  Made sure to drink plenty of liquids to help my body recover.  January 9 (Wednesday) I geared up for my treadmill run.  Reflecting back to last week, I was a little scared to see where my running conditioning was at.  First 25 minutes I set a pace of 6.0 Speed.  I had to slow down to a walk to allow myself to cool off and take my Clif Shot.  After 5 minutes I decided to get back to Hill Training (previously started to train for hills).  I hiked up the incline to 2.0 and set the speed for 5.5. After 15 minutes I had to bring it down to a quick walking pace to cool off.  At this point I was sweating uncontrollably and felt weak overall.  Kept speeding up the pace up to 5.5 & 6.0 at 4-5 minute intervals to try and get as much minutes running as possible.  Total run was 1 hour in length and 5 miles in distance.  January 10 (Thursday) I was able to get in the early morning Spin Class again.  There was no way I was going to go outside for any physical activity.  With all the Flu & Colds going on, I  don’t want to relapse or catch the Cold.  Spin Class was great. I was able to keep resistance on my bike throughout the Sprints and Hills.  Immediately after Spin Class I took my Endurox R4 (Post Exercise Shake).  January 11 (Friday) I finally feel like myself.  I feel like I have more consistant energy and I am sleeping like a log throughout the night. I jumped on the Treadmill with my Clif Shot and Water.  I walked the first 5 minutes and increased my pace to 5.5 Speed for the next 10 minutes.  Then I increased my speed to 6.0 Speed until I hit 25 minutes.  I increased it to 6.5 Speed and held that for 10 minutes.  I was feeling great.  I decided to increase the incline to 2.0 Incline and hold 6.5 Speed for 5 minutes.  Immediately after, I slowed it down to walking pace and took my Clif Shot and water.  I increased the speed to 6.5 Speed and increased the incline back to 2.0 Incline and ran for 4 minutes till the clock showed 45 minutes.  The last 5 minutes I lowered my incline down to 0.0 Incline and increased speed to 7.0 Speed.  50 minutes was my cap, I definitely felt great throughout the 50 minutes, but I felt my legs start to give out.  Total was 50 Minutes duration and 5 Miles in Length.  I cooled down for 5 minutes and had my Endurox R4.  January 12 – January 13 (Saturday & Sunday) I am out of town! Time to let the body recover from exercising and from all this Flu/Cold Epidemic.  Monday I will be back to my regular routine.


Week 13 was a real roller coaster!  The 24 Hour Flu was one of the worst things I have gone through (as far as pain/ discomfort).  The most interesting part was not feeling 100% for 5 days.  I played it safe by not going outside for my exercises.  I was afraid of relapsing on my Flu or even catching the Cold from people around me.  But I have to admit that this was a perfect example of “Anything can Happen”.  Because I do take care of myself both Physically & Nutritionally, I was able to bounce back quicker (Recovery Time).  This week was a complete dump and it will set me back a couple weeks, but in the end I am glad that I both got the Flu this early on (don’t have to worry about it later) and I started to train early on so my set back wouldn’t be too bad.

No regrets! Continue Forward and continue doing what I do best, Train Hard & Train Consistent!

January 14 (Monday) – January 20 (Sunday), 2013

Pasta with Chocolate Milk for Dinner

Pasta with Chocolate Milk for Dinner

January 14 (Monday) was my day to get back on track!  A little over a week that I was sick and laid low to prevent any other complication.  I ran on the treadmill for 40 mins and totaled 3.7 miles.  I ran 2 hills at 3.0 Incline (1.0 higher than last week) at 6.0 Speed.  Definitely felt winded, but was still able to push and finish strong.  A couple hours later I went to the pool for a swim.  Currently the weather in Southern California (Huntington Beach, ca) is very COLD/WINDY.  It was very tough for me to go to the pool due to lazy (fell off the track for a week) and knowing how cold the water would feel once I jumped in and when I hop out.  It had been a little over a week since I swam.  I picked up the same routine as before (1,400 yds) and kept a solid pace where I focused on under waters and stroke technique.  It felt amazing afterwards.  I am back to training!  Keep pushing and stay smart.  January 15 (Tuesday) I took the Spin Class because it is still too cold and windy to be out in the open.  Throughout the Spin Class I made sure to keep more resistance (Drag) than usual to keep my heart rate up and burn the legs out.  Crossing my fingers that I can start riding Thursday.  January 16 (Wednesday) I woke up with a Hurting Throat!  Can’t believe this season.  A little frustrating because I wanted to dive back into training.  But I need to focus on the big picture, getting rid of any potential/ lurking sickness to be able to train with no problems.  I was able to lift weights (Upper Body & Abs) for an hour between my clients.  Then in the afternoon I decided to at least keep up with my Running, but no swimming due to the cold weather.  Treadmill run totaled 50 minutes.  I don’t have any specifications because the treadmill I was on is not calibrated.  I noticed that my fast pace run was a little too easy… so I decided to hold a fast pace and set the next treadmill with the same pace and jumped on it and noticed it was significantly faster.  I was able to get a couple 3.0 Incline and one last 6.0 Incline.  My goal is to continue eating healthy and taking care of myself.  Crossing my fingers I wake up feeling better!  January 17 (Thursday) I decided to stay indoors and Spin on the Stationary Bike.  I had 30 minutes before my client came in, so I positioned myself like I do on my own bike.  I kept plenty of tension/ resistance on the bike to simulate the outdoors (Wind, Elevation) and to stress the legs.  After a couple minutes I stand up on the bike simulating going up a steep incline and immediately sit on the saddle and keep the legs going.  I need to focus on my recovery, being able to climb a steep hill and immediately settle into a fast pace either on the down hill or flat ground.  Currently on my climb I feel great but as soon as the hill is over my legs are overwhelmed with Lactic Acid and takes a little time to flush that burning sensation.  But that is what practice is meant for!  January 18 (Friday) ran on the treadmill.  I ran for 35 minutes and totaled 3.5 miles.  The entire run was hills.  I made sure to keep a fast pace during the flats and hills.  35 minutes was my cap because of my body recovery from the Flu and a small lingering Cold.  Not smart to run your body down to the ground, specially recovering being sick (Immune System Down).  January 19 (Saturday) I laid low!  January 20 (Sunday) I went on a 32.4 mile bike ride (1st time since New Years) with a friend of mine.  We went to Laguna Beach.  Long first ride, but my friend also has not ridden for a couple months, so we balanced each other out.  Great ride (Weather Too), but throughout the rest of the day I was very tired (physically).


Week 14 was a great start but had some complications that caused me to slow down my training. Part of the game of life.  Things happen that literally can’t be avoided.  Just like the saying “Fall off the Horse, Get back on it”.  I can sit there and dwell on the negative outcomes of my set backs, but in reality it will not do anything.  Be positive and get back on track to deliver quality training for the big day (St. George, Utah May 4th).

Negative & Positive Mindset is a state of mind.  Make it a point to switch gears when you feel Negative Vibes coming on.


January 21 (Monday) – January 27 (Sunday), 2013

January 21 (Monday) I decided to take it easy and catch up on some of my Business Work.  The long bike ride on Sunday wiped me out.  January 22 (Tuesday) I took the early morning Spin Class because I could not get on the rode.  I made sure to add a lot of tension/ resistance throughout the entire class.  My heart rate was up throughout the class and definitely sweat a lot more towards the beginning of class.  My goal was to feel what I feel out on the rode.  On the rode I feel constant resistance (wind, elevation), burning sensation (lactic acid, fatigue) and out of breathe (pushing the body).  Only problem was my IT Band (Iliotibial Band/ Outer Thigh) started to tighten up causing a sharp pain on the outside of my left knee.  After class on ran on the treadmill to see if it was my IT Band, and it was definitely super tight.  I grabbed my Foam Roller and started to roll out my thigh (Inside, Top & Outside of Thigh). Check out my Home Page ( for more in depth Foam Rolling.  Immediately I felt that my Left Leg was very stiff and had unhealthy muscle tissue (Fascia). At night before I went to bed, I felt very sore on the outside of my thigh.  Light bulb in my head went off!  I had not foam rolled in a month and I was sedentary throughout my sickness.  My immune system was down and my entire body was out of wack.  I should have stretched & foam rolled during my sickness and the 1st couple weeks of my training.  Reminder:  The body is very complex and maintaining it take a lot of time and patience.  January 23 (Wednesday) I looked at the forecast and realized that Thursday & Friday it may rain.  So I grabbed my bike and set out to do the same loop as Sunday (Huntington Beach to Laguna Beach).  The weather was great and a slight breeze that made riding easy.  I decided to take it out fast and see what I can do bring it back home.  It felt great going down to Laguna Beach and felt even better riding back to Huntington Beach.  Total was 32.3 Miles.  January 24 (Thursday) I was able to fit in an hour of quality Weight Lifting for my Upper Body and Abs.  In the afternoon I was able to go to Hot Yoga for a 90 minute class.  It was great to be back at Hot Yoga.  Sweating, keeping the breathing calm, focusing on posture and holding poses that required lots of strength.  I can feel my appetite speeding up! Towards the end of Hot Yoga I started to feel hungry.  After Hot Yoga I went to grab a Chicken Bowl (Rice, Grilled Chicken, Edamami & Hot Sauce).  January 25 (Friday) I woke up sore from Hot Yoga.  It is amazing how holding poses for 60 seconds at a time really stresses the body.  I geared up for my Treadmill run. I ran a total of 50 minutes and 5 miles.  The first 5 minutes I had 0.0 Incline and afterwards I raised it up to 1.0 Incline for the remainder 45 minutes.  It felt rough, but my goal from the beginning was to run 50 minutes.  Later on in the day I went to get my massage, which I really needed after month long sickness.  January 26 (Saturday) I went to the pool after work and swam 1,800 yds.  I bumped up my routine from 4 x 150 yds followed by 4 x 50 yds (first lap underwater), to 5 x 150 yds followed 6 x 50 yds (first lap underwater).  Felt great to be back in the pool!!  January 27 (Sunday) my day to relax and mentally prepare for a Full Training Week starting on Monday!!


Week 15 is a wrap.  Finally feeling better and I am keeping it simple so that next week I can get back on the saddle.  My goal is to start my double day training starting Monday.  This week was more of an introduction to my body and at the same time concentrating on keeping my well rested (Stretching, Massage, Nutrition, etc) and allowing my immune system to get back up to par.  This was great, but next week will be even better.

January 28 (Monday) – February 3 (Sunday), 2013

 January 28 (Monday) I finally got outdoors to run!!  According to Google Maps I ran 8 miles in an hour.  I found myself feeling tired, but still able to hold a pace that felt comfortable.  When I say comfortable, I mean a pace that is difficult but know I am able to hold it till the end.  I can’t take it easy during my run, I need to push myself both Physically and Mentally.  A couple hours after my run I geared up to go to the pool.  I was able to increase my swimming a little more.  New Swimming Routine: 10 x 150 yds (100 yds Swim & 50 yds Kick w/ Board), 100 yds Free Easy, 6 x 50 yds (25 yds under water & 25 yds Free) total 1,900 yds!!  It felt great, but definitely feel tired from the run.  Later on during the day I started to feel my body start to drag.  Felt great to be back into my Training Regimen.  January 29 (Tuesday) I was able to take the Early Morning 6 AM Spin Class because I was not sure if I was able to get a ride in.  Luckily I was able to get on my bike around 10:30AM.  I went to Laguna Beach and back.  On my way back was able to hold some 25-26 mph stretches that felt great.  Definitely built up my confidence knowing that I was physically back on track.  January 30 (Wednesday) I woke up with sore/achy knees, so I decided to lay low and let my body recover.  I went to the pool and swam.  Swam: 5 x 200 yds (100 yds Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board) and 5 x 150 yds (100 yds Free & 50 yds Kick w/Board) and 7 x 50 yds (6 Beat Kick per Stroke) concentrating on fast kicking with slow arm tempo then 6 x 50 yds (25 yds Underwater & 25 yds Free) Total: 2,700 Yds.  I made sure to get a lot of kicking to give my legs a workout without the high impact of running.  January 31 (Thursday) I woke up feeling great and knew that Wednesday was a smart move.  Smart Training pays off.  I geared up for my ride out to Laguna Beach.  I made it a point to take it out a little quicker and see what I could do on my way back.  I felt great the entire ride out to Laguna Beach and when I came back I was still feeling powerful.  Definitely the wind started to pick up and I was averaging 20 mph.  February 1 (Friday) I had 2 hours to kill so I went for an early morning run.  I ran the same course as Monday (Adams/Beach Blvd to PCH over to Bike Trail till Golden West & back).  I was able to push harder than last time.  I ended up running it he same time (1 hour) even though I thought I was a little faster.  The reason why I felt faster, but was not with the time is because of the end of the week.  Monday through Friday was a huge training week for me.  Day in and day out I was physically abusing my body so by the end of the week I was cashed out.  Felt great though, great run and ready to go for a swim a little later.  I went to the pool to swim: 10 x 100 yds (50 yds Free & 50 yds Kick w/board Fast) followed by 6 x 50 yds (25 yds Underwater Kick & 25 yds Free) Total of 1,250 yds.  Definitely this week was long and tough.  Glad it was over.  Time to get ready for my weekly massage to allow my body to rest and reward myself for the week.  February 2 (Saturday) My Bday!  My parents came down for the weekend.  Since my parents come 1 to 2 times per week, I make it a point and take them to areas of Orange County that are beautiful and involve outdoors.  February 3 (Sunday) We went to Laguna Beach and walked around.


Week 16 is a wrap!  This was the first week I implemented Brick Training (i.e. Swim then Bike).  I was able to deliver 100% intensity to each part of the training.  Friday I struggled with my run.  I felt like I was pushing more and gaining some speed, but passing Downtown I had a glimpse of the Clock on the Tower and it showed a slower time than before.  I ended up coming in at 1 hour, but knew that the struggle was because of the week long training.  I also knew that I would be taking off Saturday & Sunday so I made it a point to push past my comfort zone.  Time to start focusing on the following week.  Week by week I am starting to see change in my stamina and body composition.  Excited about May 4th!




February 4 (Monday) – February 10 (Sunday), 2013

February 4 (Monday) I went for an afternoon run.  Same route as last week (Golden West).  The pace was easier and felt stronger.  I was able to hold the same pace.  My goal is to run again Friday and next week step it up a notch by throwing in another running day, but a little less mileage.  I was on my way to the pool, but had several conversations with clients that set me back several hours.  In the end my motivation ran out and my body started to cool down to the point I got too cold!  February 5 (Tuesday) I woke up tired and exhausted.  My legs were a little sore for yesterday’s run.  I was able to get into Spin Class in the morning and anticipated going for a bike ride after my last morning client.  Kept looking outside and the weather looked gloomy and chilly.  In the end I decided not to ride because it looked like drizzle or rain would fall.  Instead I went to the pool for a longer swim and concentrated on some more kicking.  I was not able to bypass the cold, the pool was a little chillier than usual and the outside temperature did not help either.  I switched up my routine by doing 10 x 200 yds (100 yds Swim Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board) Total of 2,000 yds.  Each 100 yds swim I was able to swim a little faster and hold my breathe a little more too.  This was the first time I was able to do a continuous long set and feel strong throughout the entire swim.  I am still making sure to Stretch and Foam Roll my lower body to prevent my IT Band from tightening up too much.  I definitely feel my hamstrings & glutes tighten more with my outdoor runs.  February 6 (Wednesday) I was able to get in an hour of Weight Training for Upper Body & Abs.  Then in the afternoon I was able to get on the Spin Bike and simulate outdoor biking with lots of tension for 30 minutes.  Definitely got the same feel I have when I am on the road, burning in the legs and powerful pedaling.  Immediately after I went to the Treadmill and ran for 30 minutes.  Ran for 5 minutes at 5.0 Speed with 1.0 Incline.  After 5 minutes I followed a template that would go up 1.0 Incline ever 5 minutes and the speed stayed at 5.5 Speed.  I followed the template till I hit 25 minutes and ran at 1.0 Incline at 7.0 Speed.  It felt great to be able to run a big progressive hill and follow it with a sprint.  February 7 (Thursday) I was able to take a quick bike ride between clients early morning.  The only problem was the weather.  Very cold and slightly breezy.  Took a different route, but definitely less stops (Stop Lights) and more of a pace.  February 8 (Friday) I had several clients throughout the morning followed by a meeting.  After my meeting I had my Massage, which there is no point in training after the massage.  Friday was a failure, looking back at the week, my schedule was all over the place and was not able to get in my training.  February 9 (Saturday) I worked early morning and ended up taking a nap in the afternoon.  Definitely felt sluggish and knew that the week was tough with the huge fluctuation in my work hours.  February 10 (Sunday) I woke up early and decided to sit on the couch watching TV.  Next thing I know it is 12pm and I am still on the couch watching tv.  Decided Sunday was my Relaxing day.  I started to think in my head what I had to do before my race in regards to training.  I have the rest of February & March to get in as many days of quality training to start tapering off around April.  Monday has to be my day to start the training regime I need to make my Half Ironman Experience great.


Week 17 was a roller coaster.  I feel like I have not been able to get in a solid couple weeks of consistent training in.  Partially my excuses, weather & work.  Either way, starting Monday I will have to change that and not make any excuses.  I am training for a race that totals 70.3 miles and involves 3 different types of activities.  In order for me to feel good throughout the race, I have to put the time in.

“No Excuses” I have to reflect back to my childhood days when I trained year around with swim club.  If I want to do something (Half Ironman), I have to commit and set it as my top priority.


Laguna Beach, CA

February 11 (Monday) – February 17 (Sunday), 2013

February 11 (Monday)  I started off on the right foot!  I ran my Golden West route (total 8 miles) in 1 hour.  Felt a little rough throughout the run, but made it a point to push and start my intense training.  I took a 45 minute break, fueling myself, to head to the pool and swim.  I swam 2,100 yds total (10 x 200 yds) the 200 yds (100 yds Swim Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board) and finished up the workout with 2 x 50 yds with the first lap underwater.  The swim also felt rough!!  My 100 yds Kick w/Board started to bug my ankles.  Kept pushing through it and concentrated on kicking with my entire legs.  Made sure to take my Endurox R4 after my swim.  I also stretched throughout the day making sure that my stiff muscles would be loose for the intense day.  I had some left over Fish and Green Beans, so I ate that 30 minutes after I took my Endurox R4.  Towards the end of the day my legs were tired.  Sore, fatigued and in pain were the symptoms I had throughout the night time.  February 12 (Tuesday) I woke up in a lot of pain in my legs.  Once I was able to stretch them out and get blood flow through them, I felt better.  I geared up for my bike ride (Huntington Beach to Laguna Beach) total 32.3 Miles.  It was a little windy but the weather was sunny.  I felt sluggish and was not able to pick up speed.  After my ride I took my Endurox R4 and took a hot shower to help relax my muscles.  After my shower I ate Brown Rice, Chicken with Vegetables and went on the floor to stretch and foam roll.  Legs feel tired and sore, but they don’t hurt in a bad way.  Waiting to see how they feel when I wake up tomorrow.  February 13 (Wednesday)  I woke feeling sore, but not as bad as Tuesday.  I was also very excited that my knees felt strong.  Two weeks ago I remember waking up Wednesday to painful knee stiffness, so I was not able to run till Friday.  After my morning clients I went for my regular run (Golden West Total: 8 Miles).  I definitely felt tired and fatigued.  I decided to let my body do what it does best, warm up and perform to its best.  I ran the 8 miles in 1 hour.  I was very happy and satisfied that the slow/fatigued feeling I had did not interfere with my time.  I immediately geared up for my swim.  I decided today was a great day to mix it up.  I decided to start off with 5 x 100 yds (50 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) followed by 5 x 150 yds (100 yds Free Swim & 50 yds Kick w/Board) followed by 6 x 50 yds (25 yds Under Water & 25 yds Free Swim) Total of 1,550 Yds.  Throughout the swim I felt slow and sluggish.  I felt like I was being help with a rope and had to swim against it.  Kept on thinking about it in  my head, “Keep investing the time and energy.  Even if it is a bad day, keep training to get past it”.  My day is a wrap! Can’t wait for tomorrow.  February 14 (Thursday) I set out on my Laguna Beach, Ca ride.  This week the wind has been picking up every hour.  The ride was good, was able to keep a pace and feel my body push past its comfort zone.  It definitely was tough to ride, but I was excited that this week has been going the way I planned it.  I need to stay on track till the end of March 2013.  Can’t wait to get home and sleep.  I need to recharge my battery for tomorrow.  February 15 (Friday) I definitely was feeling sluggish.  All week’s training caught up to me.  I still went out for my regular outdoor Golden West running loop.  I made it a point to take it out slower, but work on my pace/stride.  Halfway through my run I really felt like I did not have energy to keep the pace I was running at.  I kept giving myself certain checkpoints to motivate me.  At the end of the run I was beat red from the sun/wind and the exhausted state of training all week.  I still ran the 8 miles in 1 hour.  After my run I took some Clif Block Shots and chugged Gatorade.  I needed a little “Pick me Up” so I could finish my swim.  My swim was very interesting.  I started off a little sluggish, but didn’t think too much of it since I am very tired from the week my body takes a little longer to warm up. I was wrong, my body kept feeling sluggish throughout the entire swim.  I had to modify my swim to finish without giving up and leaving in the middle of the set.  Total 1,200 yds consisted of 900 yds (6 x 150 yds) & 300 yds (6 x 50 yds).  Glad it was over and glad it was a great week of training.  February 16 (Saturday) I taught my morning Crush Fit Class and immediately after went out of town till Monday.  February 17 (Sunday) morning I went to the Hotel Gym in Santa Barbara.  It was a small gym, but had all the equipment I needed.  I ran a total of 30 minutes, which consisted of 15 minutes on 1.0 Incline and a gradual build to 8.0 Speed.  Then I kept my 8.0 Speed consistent, but raised my incline 1.0 every 2 minutes till I was at 30 minutes total.  Then I jumped off the Treadmill and went to the free weights and decided to do a circuit of Dumbbell Biceps, Tricep Kick Backs, Push Press, Bent over Reverse Flies, Flat Bench Press and Machine Seated Lat Pull Downs.  I went through that 2 times through with no rest and enough weight to make it a struggle.  Then I went back to the treadmill and did a total of 10 minutes consisting of every 2 minutes increase Speed .5 and the last 2 minutes ran 1 minute at 10.0 Speed and 11.0 Speed.  It felt great to work in some hill training and sprints.


Week 18 This week was an awesome week of training.  No injuries and no trouble fitting in workouts around my work schedule.  I need to tune the training down a little for next week to let the body recover and train on speed/ hills.  I am confident in my training and am looking forward to race day!


PCH Riding my Bike

February 18 (Monday) – February 24 (Sunday), 2013

February 18 (Monday) I woke up and went to the Hotel Gym and switched up the workout from yesterday.  I decided to do 5 minutes on the Treadmill on 6.0 Incline and 8.0 Speed.  Then pick 3-4 exercises on the gym floor (i.e. Physio Ball, Free Weights, Core, Pulley Machine, etc) one time through with a lot of repetitions (i.e. 15, 20, 30 50, etc). Then back on the Treadmill for 5 minutes.  Kept repeating this circuit till I hit a total of 5 rounds.  Another great workout and change of pace from the regular training back at home.  February 19 (Tuesday) I was back on home and decided to start Brick Training with Intervals.  So decided to hop on a Spin Bike (Stationary Bike) for 15 minutes and place a certain amount of tension that simulated outdoors on a fairly level surface with head strong wind.  I placed my body in the same position as on the road bike and kept a consistent pace that strong.  Then I took 5 minutes to change shoes and jump on the treadmill for 15 minutes running at 6.5 Speed and 6.0 Incline (total of 1.5 miles).  I only gave myself 5 minutes break between each exercise and repeated it a total of 3 times.  Bike and Run 3 times through.  It was a very challenging set and pushed me past my confort zone, but kept me engaged to push and feel stronger.  My goal is to repeat this same routine on Thursday.  February 20 (Wednesday) I woke up a little sore, but a deep ache in my right hip.  Definitely a muscle issue, but I knew I had to use today to work on flexibility and jump on the Foam Roller as well as the Baseball.  I was planning on going for a swim, but with the crazy cold winds going on and a sharp pain in my throat whenever I swallow, I will take it easy and enjoy my massage later today.  February 21 (Thursday) changed up my Indoor Brick Interval Training from Tuesday.  I started with the Spin Bike (Stationary Bike) 15 minutes working on a decent pace with enough tension/ resistance to simulate being outdoors.  1st five minutes I sat and the 2nd five minutes I stood on the bike simulating being on hill climbing it.  Then the last five minutes I sat down and finish strong.  Immediately I changed my shoes and went to the Treadmill and ran 15 minutes.  15 minutes consisted of 10 minutes @ 6.0 Speed with 6.0 Incline and the last 5 minutes @ 7.5 Speed with 1.0 Incline totaling 1.6 miles.  I repeated the above 2 times through.  On my 3rd round I changed the Treadmill run by running the first 5 minutes @ 7.0 Speed with 2.0 Incline, then 5 minutes @ 7.5 Speed with 2.0 Incline and then 5 minutes @ 5-7.5 Speed with 2 Incline Totaling 1.7 Miles.  February 22 (Friday) I went to the pool, which has been a while since my last swim, and swam a total of 1,800 Yds.  10 x 150 yds (100 Swim Free & 50 Yds Kick w/ Board) and 6 x 50 yds (25 yds Under Water Kick & 25 yds Swim Free).  Definitely felt rough and struggled towards the end.  Next week I need to kick up my swimming and keep it consistent.  February 23 (Saturday) & February 24 (Sunday) I relaxed and enjoyed the warm weather we had.


Week 19 was a great week!  Was able to introduce some Spin and Run intervals.  The days are flying by and March is literally around the corner.  My focus is is to get back on my road bike next week and run immediately after.  This will be a little more realistic and help me determine where my weaknesses are.


Fish & Green Beans


February 25 (Monday) – March 3 (Sunday), 2013

February 25 (Monday) I went for my usual Laguna Beach Bike Ride.  I made sure not to think about my run throughout the bike ride.  I gave the same effort as I do when I only bike.  Once I got back to the gym I changed clothes and put on my running shoes.  Jumped on the Treadmill and set it at 6.0 Speed.  I made sure to fill my water bottle with Gatorade and a packet of the Clif Shot Blocks.  I was a little surprised to find out that I was not able to settle into a comfortable pace at 6.0 Speed.  I held on for 2 Miles and had to bring the speed to a comfortable walking pace to take it easy and replenish my energy (Gatorade & Clif Block Shots) for about 40 seconds.  Then I increased it to a 6.5 Speed for 1 Mile.  Then I had to bring it back to a walk to recover and refuel.  Then I increased it to 6.5 Speed for 1 Mile and stopped.  This run really pushed me physically and mentally.  It totaled 40 Minutes and 4 Miles.  February 26 (Tuesday) I went for a swim.  My goal this week is to isolate my swimming and relieve my body of all types of High Impact movement.  Swimming is great because I am still tapping into High Cardiovascular Training (Limited Breathing, Consistent Swimming) and allowing my body to recover from the day before.  My swimming consisted of 10 x 150 yds (100 Yds Swim Free & 50 Yds Kick w/ Board) followed by 6 x 50 yds (25 Yds Underwater & 25 Yds Free Swim) totaling 1,800 Yds.  February 27 (Wednesday) I woke up feeling better.  I was able to get a great night sleep and really felt like my body was able to fully recover from Mondays workout.  I rode the same route (Laguna Beach Loop) and this time I felt better and stronger than Monday.  Another area of focus for my rides are attacking hills by standing up and keeping the same pace till I hit the top.  Then immediately I sit down and click my gears till I speed up and hold my usual pace.  Even though I kept pushing my legs past the normal pace I was holding prior, I still felt full of energy till I got back home.  Another area where I was able to drive more focus throughout my ride was the fueling spots.  Every 15 minutes I was taking 2 Clif Shot Blocks and taking sips of my Gatorade.  I know that this is what is going to make a huge difference throughout my performance.  Once I got back I changed and jumped on the Treadmill with my pack of Clif Shot Blocks and Gatorade.  I went into a 6.0 Speed for 2 Miles and walked for 1 Minute 30 Seconds to refuel and catch my rest. Then I ran a mile at 6.2 Speed and slowed it down to a 30 second refueling/resting pace.  Then I ran 1 Mile at 6.4 Speed and stopped.  The total was 4 Miles and 40 Minutes and 30 Seconds.  Again, I felt like that was a big challenge and wiped me out.  Took my Endurox R4 Recovery Drink and Stretched/ Foam Rolled.  February 28 (Thursday) I woke feeling great.  No soreness and no aches in my knees.  Definitely my Foam Rolling and Stretching has been helping with my recovery and maintaining loose muscles.  I went to the pool and decided I needed to up my yardage and swimming sets.  I started with 10 x 200 Yds (125 yds Free Swim, then 50 yds Kick w/ Board followed by 25 yds Under Water Kick).  This definitely took a lot out of me and challenged my breathing patterns for an extra 25 yds.  But I pushed through and rocked the entire set.   I took 20 secs break between each 200 yds to allow my oxygen to regenerate.  March 1 (Friday) I unfortunately could not get my Bike/Run so I was able to Lift Weights and work on my shoulders to help balance my biking position.  March 2 (Saturday) Taught my Boot Camp Classes and was jealous of how the weather was perfect and I was not going to be able to train.  Tomorrow my goal is to Bike, Run & Swim.  Since March is my real last training month, I need to get 6 training days a week and start tapering April.  March 3 (Sunday) I woke up early and installed my new SpeedFil container on my bike.  Holds 41 oz (2 Water Bottles) and has a straw that goes from the container up to the Aero Bars.  All I have to do us dip my head an inch and bite down on the valve and suck my like a straw.  Another benefit to this item is the speedy filler.  If I needed more liquids in the container all I would have to do is grab a spare water bottle and stick the tip through the one way opening and squirt the liquid in it.


The Device I use drink my Accelerade (41oz)

I went on my regular Laguna Beach loop.  It felt a little rough going up the hills and catching my breathe afterwards.  According to STRAVA I was averaging 20 mph and my moving time was 1 hour 34 minutes.  Considering the wind and how I was feeling, it was actually great.  I decided to concentrate on my refueling throughout my ride.  I bought this new “During Exercise  drink mix called Accelerade by the same makers of Endurox R4.  Throughout my ride I took small sips of the Accelerade.  I thought I would feel full (Liquid Sloshing in my stomach) and have to use the restroom.  I felt great, consistent with the energy and felt my body actually use the liquid to refuel me instead of go straight towards my digestive system.  Once I got back to the gym I geared up for my Treadmill Run.  My goal was to run past my 2 mile limit I hit last week.  For some reason I could not run past 2 miles without the need to slow down to a walking speed to regain some energy.  The 1st 5 minutes I ran @ 6.0 Speed then the 2nd 5 minutes I ran @ 6.5 Speed.  At this point I felt great and decided to pick it up to 7.0 Speed and see how long I could last.  At first I set a temporary goal of 30 minutes and then I set a permanent goal of 60 minutes.  My hips started to feel weak and achy throughout the run, but I immediately paid attention to my stride and focus on my primary muscle groups to provide an efficient movement.  My total running time was 60 minutes and 7.0 Miles.  I was very happy with my straight running and even more impressed that my body was able to knock down that imaginary wall that prevented me from running past 2 miles.  I kept fueling up with my Accelerade and Clif Shot Blocks and drove to the pool.  I wanted to swim a regular swim I usually do, but decided to hold back a little and let today be a starting point for my March Hardcore Training.  I only swam 750 Yd (5 x 150 Yds consisting of 100 yds Free Swim & 50 yds Kick w/ a Board).  I felt great for a couple hours after my training, but definitely starting to hit a wall and felt my body crave a nap.  I was spent and it felt great to beat my body up.


Week 20 was a great week for me. Bumped my training and stayed consistent.  Finally switched my brick training from Bike only days with Run then Swim days to Bike then Run days with Solo swimming days.  Since March is my month to get in as many miles with my training, I decided to start working in Sundays as my long Tri Days.  Sunday morning I set the pace for my High Intense Training by riding out to Laguna Beach and back.  Then I changed and jumped on the Treadmill and ran for an hour totaling 7.0 Miles.  Then I went to the pool for a swim.  I wanted to do a regular workout that was about 1,000 yds but decided that a short swim would be enough to shock the body (total 750 yds).

Riding & Running Outdoors

Riding & Running Outdoors

March 4 (Monday) – March 10 (Sunday), 2013

March 4 (Monday)  I woke up feeling fine.  I thought my legs were going to be sore.  I am definitely going to Foam Roll several times during the day to keep my legs loose and help them recover quicker.  I decided to go to the pool to swim a little more than I am used to.  I swam a total of 2,000 Yds.  My swim consisted of 10 x 200 yds (125 yds Free Swim & 50 yds Kick w/ Board & 25 yds Underwater.  March 5 (Tuesday) I had it planned out that I would fit in a Ride/Run/Swim in the afternoon after my morning clients.  I woke up to find a text with a cancelation, So that left me time to fit in an early ride and run immediately after.  Luckily Sunday I went to the bike shop to pick up some Full Finger Gloves and Toe Covers for my shoes.  The first 1/4 of the ride I knew I was in for a tough ride.  My legs started to ache and feel tired.  I decided today was a great day to keep pushing my body past its comfort zone and stick to a pace.  As soon as I got back I changed and jumped on the treadmill.  I only had 40 minutes till my client.  So I decided to run for 30 minutes.  It was a rough run and struggled throughout the entire run.  I picked up my pace to about 7.5 Speed which threw my body for a surprise.  My run entailed 5 minutes @ 6.5 Speed, 5 minutes @ 7.0 Speed and 20 minutes @ 7.5 Speed.  The total mileage for my run was 3.6 Miles.  The last five minutes were the toughest, my blood sugar levels were dropping drastically.  I lacked proper refueling food, which messed up my training.  I have to start preparing myself for my runs by having a bottle of Accelerade and Clif Shot Blocks ready so when I get back from my ride and I can grab it and start fueling my body.  Several hours later I went to the pool and swam a short 1,050 yds consisting of 5 x 150 yds (100 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) and 6 x 50 yds (25 yds Underwater & 25 yds Swim Free).  I worked on speed and holding my breathe.  Definitely today was one of my strongest/fast feeling days in the water.  I keep telling myself, “This Month I have to pack in as much Yardage/Mileage as I can”.  March 6 (Wednesday) I woke up feeling great.  No soreness, but did start to feel some minor shin splints on the inner shin along the bone.  I had these previously when I was training or my Half Marathon a couple years ago.  I remember running my thumb down the side of my bone and breaking up all the scar tissue and allowing blood flow to pass to help recover.  It helped at the time and did not feel them for the remainder of my training and race.  I decided to take the day off and focus on the business.  March 7 (Thursday) I was feeling great!  Only problem was the weather.  Windy, cloudy and chance of rain.  With the amount of abuse I have been putting my body through I also need to avoid the slight chance of sickness.  Working at the gym I see the Morning Crew, Afternoon Crew and Night Crew.  I decided to stay indoors and take advantage of the fact of doing Brick Interval Training.  I ran intervals of 5 minutes speeding up the Speed by .5 for a total of 30 minutes.  I started at 6.0 Speed and ended with 8.0 Speed (i.e. 1 minute 6.0 Speed, 1 minute 6.5 Speed, 1 minute 7.0 Speed, 1 minute 7.5 Speed then 1 minute 8.0 Speed for a total of 5 minutes and repeating it 6 times through).  My heart rate was very high at the end of the 8.0 Speed and had to slowly lower my heart rate at the start of the 5 minute interval to allow myself proper gait pattern for the whole 30 minutes.  I was definitely winded and tired at the end of the running.  I kept fueling up with my Accelerade and Clif Shots and went over to the stationary bike and biked for an hour.  I decided to simulate different elevations and different timed intervals.  A lot of standing, Sitting, High Tension, Low Tension and long consistent strides with a fair amount of tension.  After the bike I went over to the pool and kept refueling and really noticed a huge difference than Tuesdays workout.  I had more consistent energy and had not trouble with my blood sugar levels.  I swam 10 x 125 Yds (75 yds Swim Free Long and Strong & 50 Yds Kick w/ Board) then 10 x 50 Yds (25 Yds Underwater & 25 Yds Swim Free) totaling 1,750 Yds.  By far my swim felt the best it has felt since College.  I was able to reach and pull water making my stroke glide long between strokes.  I was able to push off each wall and streamline kick further with the 3 strokes without breathing.  The 50 Yds kick was smooth and caught my breathe with ease.  Bulb in the head went off!!! Consistent Fueling will Keep me Energized.  March 8 (Friday)- March 9 (Saturday) I did not work out and decided to dedicate all my time in to stretching, recovering, nutrition and the business.  March 10 (Sunday) I woke up early and started to set up for my Ride, Run then Swim.  The weather was perfect, sun coming out with minimal breeze.  Prepared my Accelerade drink for my bike (Speedfil) then filled up my jersey & bike pouch with Clif Shots and Clif Shot Blocks.  Then I prepared my Accelerade Drink and Clif Shots for my run.  I set out for my usual Laguna Beach loop Ride, but as I approach my turning point I decided to keep going and see where PCH would take me.  I have never been on PCH throughout Laguna to Dana Point.  The ride was beautiful and calm due to it being Sunday Morning.  Several climbs throughout the ride.  I took a couple side streets off PCH and ended up at the Dana Point Harbor and turned around.  Funny thing was my Speedometer was not working and once in a while it would pick up my speed and then read “0” mph.  So mentally I told myself to keep pushing and hold a pace that felt similar to what I was used to.  After my ride I grabbed my Water Bottle with Accelerade and some Clif Gel Packs and went over to the treadmill.  I ran for an hour.  First 5 minutes I ran 6.5 Speed, then second 5 minutes I ran 7.0 Speed, then third 5 minutes I ran 7.5 Speed and held it till the Hour was complete.  It was rough, but I managed to work on my gait pattern and work through some of the “Giving Up Stages” of my run.  I was planning on swimming, but had several appointments to attend throughout the day.  For the rest of the day I was a zombie.


Week 21 was another great week for my training.  My sick days are long gone!  My Bike miles have been going up each ride.  Having Friday & Saturday to recover from Run/Ride, I noticed it sets me up for Sunday Morning Ride/Run.  I have plenty of energy and feel strong throughout every part of the exercising.  Lately my Speedometer on my bike has not been working.  It will pick up my speed once in a while and go back to zero.  Interesting part of that is that I really don’t mind it because I have a sense for what speed I should be holding and it forces me to race against the clock.  Without knowing the pace, I have to assume that what I am holding is not sufficient and forces me to push myself further.  Biking out to Dana Point brought on knew challenges.  More hills and beautiful scenery.  Days go by quick, therefore, I have to keep the pressure up to make accomplish my goals.

March 11 (Monday) – March 17 (Sunday), 2013

March 11 (Monday) I woke up feeling great, a little sore, but overall strong.  Today is the day I recover with a swim and mentally prepare myself for  the week.  I swam a total of 1,500 Yds.  It consisted of 10 x 100 yds (Swim Free) with 10 x 50 yds (Kick w/ Board).   Working on breathing and proper stroke mechanics (Distance per Stroke).  March 12 (Tuesday) I went for my ride.  Originally I was going to squeeze in a Dana Point Ride then run on the treadmill till my client showed up.  Once I got to Dana Point I decided to keep going.  Sort of felt like “Forest Gump”, I was not tired and I felt like I could hold the pace for a lot longer.  I ended up riding down PCH till I hit a small street “Camino Capistrano” and knew that I was on the road for a while and needed to come back in time for work.  I got back a minute before work started and I felt like I was on cloud 9!  56 Miles was a great turning point for my Bike progress.  For the rest of the day I felt slow and sluggish, but still could not believe how I was able to bike a total of 56 miles and hold a 20 mph average. March 13 (Wednesday) I woke up sore.  Mostly in the quads.  I went to the pool for my long swim.  I knew that swimming more yardage would be beneficial because my Cardiovascular System would be challenged and low impact on my joints.  I swam a total of 2,250 Yds consisting of 15 x 150 yds (100 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board).  I stopped throughout the set to make sure I could keep going past my limit of 10 x 150 yds.  I still made sure to breathe every 3 and long streamlines off each wall.  March 14 (Thursday) I saddled up and rode to Laguna Beach, Ca and back.  My goal was to take out fast and hang on.  I felt fast throughout the ride and was able to finish strong on the way back (very windy).  I immediately stored my bike and changed and grabbed my water bottle to run outdoors.  I took shorter strides throughout my run.  I was a little nervous, since it was my first time running outdoors after my bike ride.  My run was my usual outdoors run, 8 miles.  I had it in the back of my mind that I would be slower than an hour, but surprisingly when I arrived back at the gym I checked my phone and saw 59 minutes.  I was very happy!  I could not believe that I held the same pace when I run without riding before.  Brings in a lot of confidence for all the hard work I have been putting in throughout the months.  Running with the bottle and pouch was easier than I thought.  I was able to take sips throughout the run without any issue.  I also took a Clif Gel Pack on my run and it was also simple.  March 15  (Friday) I went for a swim and was looking forward to my day off Saturday.  I swam a total of 1,500 Yds.  Not much but decided to focus on quality since I was exhausted from my week of training.  I swam 10 x 150 yds (100 Yds Swim Free & 50 Yds Kick w/ Board).  This swim was by far my best swimming day I have had throughout the training.  I felt fast, I felt like I was able to pull more water throughout the stroke than usual.  I was able to push off each wall and kick in my streamline a lot further than before.  I was covering about 12 yds off each wall on my Free Swim.  March 16 (Saturday) I worked and took the rest of the day to relax and mentally prepare for Sunday.  March 17 (Sunday) I woke up early and prepared myself for my long ride (Dana Point=50 miles) then run and then swim.  I set off on my bike and started to feel like my legs were stiff and cold.  As I pass Newport Beach, Ca I felt something was wrong.  As soon as I came to Corona Del Mar I had to turn around.  I hit this “Wall” that swept me under.  My legs did not warm up and my heart rate was all over the place.  I could not believe that I had to turn around and only bike 20 miles.  I din’t have the energy to run or swim either.  As I talked to a friend, we came up with the problem.  My problem was not having a recovery week, which entailed Swim, Bike and Run at slower speeds and less miles.  Still training but allowing the body to recover from all the stress I placed on it. Today really messed with me, I was not confident and made me second guess myself.  But the more I think about it, the more I believe that I did not provide my body with the proper rest to keep pushing.


Week 22 was a huge week for me.  It proved how much progress I have made throughout the months of training.  I was able to finally get up to 56 miles on the bike.  I finally biked 34 miles (Laguna Beach, Ca) and ran 8 miles outdoors.  The only trouble I had this week was Sunday’s Wall.  My plan is to use next week as my recovery/resting period to be able to bounce back next Sunday strong and fast.

You fall off the Horse, depending on how determined you are, You dust yourself off and jump back on the horse.


Veggie Sub w/ Salad

March 18 (Monday) – March 19 (Sunday), 2013

March 18 (Monday) I am changing my training mentality.  No more “More Mileage March” to “Recovery Week”.  I went to the pool and swam a total of 2,500 yds but very slow and relaxed.  I swam 10 x 150 yds (100 yds Free Swim & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) and 10 x 100 yds (50 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board).  It felt great to be out in the pool.  I felt like I could swim forever.  I kept it slow and just worked on reaching and stroke technique.  March 19 (Tuesday) was the start of my Indoor’s Active/Recovery session.  Jumped on the stationary spin bike for 30 mins (pace) and then 30 mins on the Treadmill.  I was definitely feeling tired, which made me feel scared since my race is so close I can’t have my body feeling too weak.  I decided to let go of any fears about my race and go through with my Recovery Week and see how it plays off Sunday for my long ride.  March 20 (Wednesday) I went to the pool and decided to swim a little more but still focus on slow tempo swimming along with my breathing pattern.  I swam 10 x 150 Yds (100 Yds Swim Free & 50 Yds Kick w/ Board) followed by 3 x 200 Yds (150 Yds Swim Free & 50 Yds Kick w/ Board) totaling 2,100 Yds.  It amazing to reflect back to my prior swimming training and notice that I would keep increasing my intensity in the pool preventing me from increasing my yardage.  I noticed that I would speed up, which I would go fast, but couldn’t keep that up for more than 1,500 to 1,800 Yds at a time.  Now I have slowed down my tempo/intensity, which has drastically increased my duration.  March 21 (Thursday) Indoors Active/ Recovery day.  15 mins Stationary Spin Bike (Uphill/Flat Rides), 15 mins Treadmill (2.0 Incline/ 6.5 Speed), 15 mins Stationary Spin Bike (Uphill/ Flat Rides), 15 mins Treadmill (2.0 Incline/ 6.5 Speed).  My goal was to keep moving and hold a steady pace without letting myself take it out too fast.  March 22 (Friday) I went to the pool and decided to step it up!  Still focus on long strokes and low intensity to pound out more yardage.  I decided to change up my routine.  From now on I will start with 150 yds Swim Free instead of the 100 Yds Free Swim. My swim set was 10 x 200 Yds (150 Yds Swim Free & 50 Yds Kick w/ Board) totaling 2,000 Yds.  There is a huge difference between 100 Yds Swim Free and 150 Yds Swim Free.  That extra 50 yds swim with the Breathing Pattern (every 3rd) and long tight streamlines off each wall adds up.  It was amazing how I was able to finish it strong and still maintain my breathing pattern.  I have noticed my lung capacity increasing and improvements in my stroke.  March 23 (Saturday) I took the day off!!  March 24 (Sunday) I prepared my bike for my long ride.  I was nervous throughout the week and last night.  I was afraid on how my body would feel after the huge “Wall” last Sunday.  I set out on my bike ride and felt good.  I told myself to work on some hill training (Newport Coast Drive) and head back home.  As I get closer towards Corona Del Mar, Ca I started to feel the same symptoms as I did last Sunday.  I immediately told myself, either I give in and turn around or man up and decide to mentally push my body past this “Wall” that seems to stick around.  After I passed Newport Coast Drive I felt back on track.  Long story short, I made it out to Dana Point Harbor.   It was a great ride back.  After my ride I prepared for my swim.  I was pressured for time, so I decided to swim.  I swam 10 x 200 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 Yds Kick w/ Board) for a total of 2,000 Yds.  My swimming felt smooth.  It felt like I was covering more distance per stroke than usual.


Week 23.  Coming down to the end of my training.  Looking back I can see all the strides I have been accomplishing.  I remember when I would ride out to Newport Coast Drive and back and think that was a good amount of miles for me.  I remember when I started to swim along side running on the same day.  I have had several Roller Coaster Loops that have taught me a lot, but most importantly, I have learned that Consistency will always succeed!  May 4th is the date that keep running through my head.  I have till the end of March and first 2 weeks of April to pack it in before I start to taper off.

“Packing it” is the phrase I am using!


Cloudy Day

March 25 (Monday) – March 31 (Sunday), 2013

March 25 (Monday) I woke up feeling amazing.  Yesterday’s accomplishment generated more confidence in my training.  I decided that this week I would devote more time into my swimming.  My theory from the beginning was that “Swimming” would help Biking and Running.  Monday though was my Active Recovery Swim Day.  Total Yards 1,250 consisting of 5 x 200 Yds (150 Yds Swim Free & 50 Yds Kick w/Board) and 5 x 50 Yds (25 Yds Underwater & 25 Yds Swim Free).  For the first time I swam super relaxed.  My definition of Relaxed is reaching as far as possible with each stroke while slightly pulling underwater without much added force.  Interesting thing was that this whole time during my Swim Training, I have been attacking each lap like I was in a race.  Even though it has helped me build up my endurance, it has also prevented me from stepping it up in yards per training.  This time swimming relaxed got me to swim my 200 Yd sets a lot easier and still working on my breathing pattern as well as my Flip Turns.  Monday is another great training day!  March 26 (Tuesday) Since I can’t ride my bike outdoors this week, I decided I would spin on the Stationary Spin Bike at the gym.  I set up the Saddle and Bars as if I were out on the streets.  I decided I would do Split Spin Workouts. One in the morning and One in the Night time.  My morning  Spin Bike Session was a total of 40 minutes and throughout I had tension on the wheel.  The tension was (3 of 5) on a scale.  Throughout the 40 minutes I tried staying on the saddle for 3-4 minutes at a time till my legs were on fire and I would stand up and help distribute the workload.  My Standing Rides were about 1-1.5 minutes long.  Throughout the Spin Session I was sipping on my Accelerade Drink and some Clif Shots.  My night Spin Bike Session was a total of 35 minutes and (4 of 5) on the scale for tension.  I decided I should crank it up and see how long I could tolerate it.  It was difficult, but not much more than this morning.  I had to stand up to Ride a little more often than this morning.  Tuesday was a great Bike day for me.  The most difficult part of the Stationary Spin Bike is being isolated in a room with nothing to see or distract me.  Time really drags on…  March 27 (Wednesday) Today I am going to Swim and Bike on the Stationary Spin Bike.  At the pool I swam 2,250 yds which consisted of 5 x 250 yds (200 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) then 5 x 200 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board).  Originally my goal was to shoot for 10 x 250 yds, but after the 3rd round of 250 yds I started to feel sluggish.  Lately my pace and stroke have been feeling very strong so I have been swimming fast from the first lap till my last.  As soon as the stroke starts to feel sloppy I immediately correct the problem and continue digging each stroke feeling strong and long.  After the swim I went back to the gym and set up my Stationary Spin Bike.  I rode a total of 40 minutes at a steady pace (3 out of 5) on the tension scale.  I did not touch the tension knob throughout the ride.  As soon as my quads started to feel week and burn, I stood up and pedaled to help flush out the lactic acid and distribute the workload throughout the lower body.  The hardest part about the Stationary Spin Bike is being isolated and watching time tick second by second.  As soon as I hit the 30 minutes marker I felt stronger than yesterday.  I decided to take advantage and crank it up the tension to about 4.5 out of 5 on the tension scale.  Those last 15 minutes were long and tough.  This is what I needed to help supplement my outdoor rides and keep building strength in the lower body as well as the Cardiovascular System.  March 28 (Thursday) I decided to crank up the yardage on the swim, not much, but decided to add underwater dolphin kicks to stress the oxygen consumption.  I swam a total of 2,500 yds consisting of 5 x 250 yds (200 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) then 5 x 200 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) then 5 x 50 Yds (25 yds Underwater Dolphin Kick & 25 yds Swim Free).  My swims are feeling amazing!  I feel strong from the first stroke till the last.  And the most impressive feeling is how long and strong my stroke feels.  All the training I put into breathing (every 3 strokes and 3 strokes off each wall before the first breathe) has paid off.  Even with the added yards and faster swims I have been able to still complete my Under Water Dolphin Kicks.  After the pool I went over to the Gym to train on the Stationary Spin Bike.  Today was the 3rd day in a row I have been on the Stationary Spin Bike.  I was not sore nor tired, but knew that I needed to get in a steady pace and nothing crazy like the previous days.  I was on the bike for 35 minutes at 3 out of 5 on the Tension Scale.  March 29 (Friday) is my Massage and Business Day!  I only had time to fit in my swim.  I swam a total of 2,700 Yds, which consisted of 6 x 250 yds (200 yds Swim Free& 50 yds Kick w/ Board) then 6 x 200 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board).  I am excited to keep increasing my yardage till I start to taper off.  March 30 (Saturday) Day off! March 31 (Sunday) Today is my big day.  I was not able to wake up as early as I wanted to, but I still made it to the gym to set out on my outdoor bike ride.  I was a little worried that I would struggle since I only rode on the Stationary Spin Bike this week.  I wanted to bike 56 miles (Dana Point, Ca), but ended up riding past the street Camino Capistrano (off PCH).  My goal was to bike 60 miles, so I kept riding on PCH till I felt like it was about 2 miles, then flipped a U and returned back home.  I was feel pretty good, not super strong, but consistent with my strokes.  My hills were a little rough, but attacked each one with all my energy.  On my way back towards Dana Point, Ca my Right Glute started to ache.  Didn’t think much of it and thought it would subside.  It kept aching and started to shoot pain.  It was towards the top of the Femur where you can feel with your hand.  As I rode I started to feel the area and decided that it was deep in the hips (Glutes) and kept digging the saddle of my seat into my right hip to alleviate some of the tension.  It would not go away and kept on getting worse as the tension increased.  I decided to lower my gears to a stroke that decreased the tension and focused to distributing the workload onto the right leg.  Only issue was throughout Dana Point and Laguna Beach, there were lots of big climbs.  Very painful, but had to make it so I could rest my lower body.  The frustrating part was not being able to push my body to its limit on my way back home.  I felt great and had plenty of energy but had to reserve it.  With the slight injury and slower speed I was still able to ride 60 Miles in 3 hours.  I thought it would have been a lot slower.


Week 24 a little different, but still getting the job done.  Still haven’t ran, which is scaring me, but was able to get in a lot of Biking and Swimming.  My swimming has significantly improved through Stroke/Technique and Duration.  Placing time on the Stationary Spin Bike helped me (considering lack of time to bike outdoors) on the rode Sunday.  Time is ticking and time does not wait for any problems that arise.

Packing it in!!


Opah Fish

April 1 (Monday) – April 7 (Sunday), 2013

April 1 (Monday) My right hip is still bothering me.  Sore around the hip bone (Femur).  I need to keep stretching it throughout the day and Self Myofascial Release using the baseball around the hip.  After the stretch and baseball, I can get up with no problem, but after 15 minutes it goes back to a painful deep sore feeling.  I am going to play by ear and stick to swimming only.  I felt great throughout my swimming.  I swam a total of 3,400 Yds consisting of 17 x 200 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board).  I wanted to keep going, but I had to a time limit due to work.  Definitely my confidence has sky rocketed after my Monday Swim.  April 2 (Tuesday) I woke up feeling normal! Weird, I was expecting to wake up sore from my hips, but I woke up being able to bend over to tie my shoes with no issue.  I ended up jumping on the Stationary Spin Bike and doing 45 minutes with several sitting and standing intervals.  I stuck to one pace.  Towards the end I started to feel my hip act up, but I did not feel the sharp pain I felt Sunday.  To play it safe I just laid low and just stopped before it got worse.  April 3 (Wednesday) I woke with a little sore/bruise feeling in my right hip (Glute).  Kept rolling out with a baseball and stretched the entire hip area.  I went back to the pool and decided to step it up!  I had an hour to swim and I wanted to get longer swim sets in, instead of short 200 Yds sets.  I ended up swimming a total of 3,400 Yds consisting of 6 x 500 Yds (400 yds Swim Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board) then 2 x 200 Yds (100 yds Swim Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board).  Even though I started to feel tired during my 500 Yds I had this efficient stroke that kept me digging further and further without stopping.  6 x 500 Yds was my max in the sense of trying to hold a fast pace, while working on my stroke, but I had enough fuel in the tank to keep swimming smaller sets.  I switched to 200 Yds sets to keep me moving and push my body past the comfort zone.  After my swim I felt like I was on Cloud 9, I have not felt this great after a set since college.  I dried off and went to the gym to run on the Treadmill.  I was a little nervous, it has been a couple weeks since my last run.  My Shin has been feeling a little better, but once in a while it acts up.  I made sure to keep massaging it with my thumb and rolling the entire area with my M80 Roller.  I decided I would take it easy and see where I would go with my run.  I held a steady pace at about 7.0 Speed and 0.0 Incline.  I held a decent stride and proper technique for 50 minutes and decided that I should cool down and all it a day.  An hour after my run, I felt my Shin Splints come back with full force.  It worried me for the entire day, but at this point I have to see if I can push past this problem or just hold off on running and pack in the Swimming & Biking to compensate for Race Day.  Before bed I made sure to massage deep into the Shin Muscle and Roll it with the M80 Roller.  April 4 (Thursday) I woke up feeling great.  My right hip was feeling a lot better and my Shins were well enough to walk on without bothering me.  I was going to Swim and Bike, but ended up feeling very tired and sluggish.  I decided I would work on my website and if I started to feel tired, get in a good nap to help my body fully recover.  I actually got an hour and a half nap later that day and I felt amazing afterwards.  Taking today off was a little weird, but my goal is to do all three tomorrow.  Not going to over due it tomorrow, but enough to get a workout and rest Saturday for Sunday’s Intense Day.  April 5 (Friday)  I need to train all three parts today.  For the bike I jumped in on a spin class that was going on.  I didn’t follow the class, but went to the back row and did my usual routine of tension and occasional standing up rides.  It was nice having some loud music and people around me to keep me going.  I used the clock in class to ride intervals.  My intervals consisted of 2 mins on the saddle and 1 minute off the saddle.  Kept repeating that till I was exhausted.  Then I switched to 30 seconds on the saddle and 30 seconds off the saddle with some heavy tension.   I approached 50 minutes and I brought down the tension and just stayed on the saddle till I got 1 hour 10 minutes in.  I immediately got a Clif Gel Pack in me and filled up my bottle with Gatorade and ran on the Treadmill.  I felt fine throughout my run.  I kept it at a 7.0 Speed with 0.0 Incline.  I ran 34 minutes for a total of 4 miles.  My hips started to lock up and knew there was not reason to keep pushing.  I still have to get in a swim and still have to do my Long Training Day on Sunday too.  Finally got to the pool after cutting my hair.  Didn’t know what to do so I started off with 400 yds swims.  I ended up swimming 6 x 400 Yds (300 yds Swim Free & 100 Kick w/ Board) then 6 x 300 Yds (200 yds Swim Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board).  I was a little tired, but surprised how my body warmed up throughout the swim and was able to deliver consistent and strong performance.  My total yards for my swim today was 4,200 Yds.  Very happy with today’s performance!  April 6 (Saturday) Today I devoted time to work in the morning and paperwork for my M80 Roller Project.  After that I did nothing, but relax and prepare for my Sunday Training Day.  April 7 (Sunday) I woke up at 6:30 AM and prepared my Bike and Running Gear to make my transition easier.  I can’t get myself to Swim first… I like to be dry for my ride since the sun has been lazy due to overcast.  I went for my bike ride, wanted to ride 50 miles, but throughout my ride my right hip started to act up.  It felt like i had a sore hip due to a tough workout.  I kept it easy and made sure to not overdue it so I wouldn’t get stuck out too far.  Passing Newport Beach I knew that Laguna Beach was going to be my goal/max distance before that hip would give out.  I got to Laguna Beach and turned around.  As I started to climb the hill my right hip immediately locked up and sent a sharp pain.  Same exact thing happened last week.  Now I was a little worried that something is not right.  Once I am done with my training I am going to call up my Chiropractor (Dr. Solis) and set up an appointment to get adjusted.  Once thing that I slacked off with was my weekly Chiropractor Visits.  With all the high impact and physical abuse, the body needs help with adjustments.  My goal is to see him tomorrow.  Heading back home on my bike ride I had to keep the gears as low as possible.  On all climbs I had to get off the saddle and peddle to help relieve pressure off my hip.  Anytime I had a long downhill descent I would get off the saddle and lean forward and position my leg so I could get in a deep hip stretch to allow the muscle to relax.  Made it back to the gym and was a little hesitant to go outside for a run.  Didn’t want my hip to get worse and worse case scenario, leave me stranded.  I ended up running on the Treadmill with my water bottle of Accelerade and 2 Clif Shots.  I set the treadmill at 6.5 Speed and 0.0 Incline.  At first I had a rough time, but after 15 minutes I settled into a pace.  I made sure to take some of my Accelerade every 5 minutes and a Clif Shot every 20 minutes.  I set my time for 50 minutes, which came out to 5 miles.  Took another Clif Shot and the rest of my Accelerade and left to the pool.  At this point my energy level felt good.  I jumped into the pool and decided to do some long swim sets.  My goal was to swim 4 x 500 Yds (400 yds Swim Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board).  The swim felt great.  No rough start, just a relaxed swimming tempo and made sure to work on breathing patterns and feel my energy levels stay even.  I didn’t want my heart rate to jump high.  After my swim, I felt like I was very hungry and needed energy.  Went home to make my protein shake and some left over pasta.


Week 25  This week was one of those weeks that tests out your mental toughness.  Last Sunday I ran into trouble with my long ride and hip hurting.  Throughout the week it started to feel better and kept pushing it.  I went into Sunday’s Long Training Day feel confident.  As I set out, I immediately knew that my right hip was tender/sore and I was not going to push it hard.  I kept riding till I had a feeling it was time to turn around.  I made it out to Laguna Hills and I am glad I didn’t go further.  I still ran afterwards and Swam.  It was not the smartest thing, but knew that it was muscle related and it would be able to heal quicker than if it was a joint/connective tissue problem.

My mind is ready for this Race.  May4 th is starting to itch on me.

Future Generation of Swimmers

Future Generation of Swimmers

April 8 (Monday) – April 9 (Sunday), 2013

April 8 (Monday) I was able to make it to my Massage Therapist & Chiropractor’s Office.  Definitely my hip was a little swollen and had little range of  motion.  My Chiropractor ran some tests on me and we both came to agree that I had a strain in the Piriformis (Deep in the Glutes).  The concern I had was to either stop biking (since that was the cause of the strain) or take it easy and still ride till my race (start the taper a little early)?  Dr. James Solis and I came to agree that I should take it easy on the bike and start focusing more on the Run and Swim portion till my time to taper all three.  At this point in time it was a little tough to hear that, but I rather taper down a little earlier (allowing my hip to recover for the race) than to draw more problems (other muscles compensating for the hurt Piriformis) and not being able to compete in St. George, Utah.  Took the rest of the day off and focused on my business.  April 9 (Tuesday) I felt a lot better and was ready to hit the pool.  I swam a total of 3,600 Yds consisting of 9 x 400 yds (300 yds Swim Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board).  At first my swim felt rough, but after about 300 yds I felt great.  I felt like a machine, stroke to stroke I kept pulling water feeling like I was gliding.  The best feeling a swimmer can have.  Brought me back to the old College Days when you would swim sets and feel like a fish in the water.  April 10 (Wednesday) I went back to the pool to work on my swimming.  I swam a total of 2,000 Yds consisting of 10 x 200 Yds (100 yds Swim Free & 100 yds Kick w/ Board).  Again, today I felt amazing in the water.  My breathing was great and my stroke timing was flawless.  Kicking on the board has helped me develop a stronger kick and decrease my heart rate to set me up for the swim portion.  After my swim I went to the gym to hop on the Stationary Spin Bike.  I did 45 mins on the saddle but kept the tension at about 2.5 out of 5 on the scale.  It was farely easy, so I made sure to pick up my tempo and hold it throughout the whole 45 minutes.  My heart rate was up and was sweating a lot.  I immediately geared up for my running.  Went on the treadmill (had a client coming in shortly) and ran 32 minutes for a total of 3 miles.  Felt great to do all three and my hip did not act up or show signs of sore/tender.  April 11 (Thursday) I only had to time to sneak in a 30 minute Swim.  My goal was to do as many 300 Yds Swims in 30 minutes.  I swam a total of 2,100 Yds (7 x 300 yds) consisting of 200 yds Swim Free & 100 Kick w/ Board.  For what today was worth, the 2,100 Yds in 30 minutes made me feel great about my swim performance.  April 12 (Friday) I did not exercise, but prepared for my 4 Day Cruise down to Ensenada, Mexico with my college friends.  Definitely looking forward to not having my cell phone on me and relaxing sipping on my ice tea.  This trip sort of came at the wrong time, less than a month out from my race.  Either I drink throughout the cruise and ruin the sacrifice/feeling of training hard for my race or mellow out and take this trip as my 4 Day Spring Training.  April 13 (Saturday) I woke up at 7 AM and made my way to the Carnival Cruise Gym.  It was pretty fun working out in a gym that I had not idea what it looked like or how the lay out was set.  As always, the Treadmills were all occupied so I got on the floor with my M80 Roller and began to do my Deep Tissue Stimulation to prepare me for my long run.  After my SMR (Self Myofascial Release) the Treadmills were still occupied, so I went in to the Aerobics Room and worked on Core.  Planks (aka Forearm Bridge), Side Planks both Static (Not Moving) and Dynamic (Moving).  Grabbed a Physio Ball and worked on more Core with Planks.  By then there were a couple Treadmills that were open.  Grabbed one on the end and walked for 5 minutes, while I prepared myself for the run.  I separated my Clif Block Shots and Clif Shots so I can use it while I ran.  The only thing I forgot to bring was my water bottle.  Throughout my run I had to hop off the Treadmill and take several gulps of water from the water fountain.  I decided today I would do my long, paced run and tomorrow I would work on sprints.  I ran for 50 minutes averaging about 7.0 Speed with 1.0 Incline totaling 5.2 Miles.  Not going to lie, it was a rough one, but hung out as long as possible.  After my run I went back into the aerobics room and worked on the Physio Ball and BOSU.  After about 30 minutes I decided to get back on my M8 Roller and work out all the Scar Tissue, Adhesions and Knots within my lower body.  Quads, IT Band, Hamstrings, Calves & Anterior Tibialis.   Throughout the day I made sure to eat small light meals and drink plenty of water and tea (no sweeteners).   I was surprised to find that Carnival Cruise had plenty of healthy options.  Took advantage of the fruit selections they had.  April 14 (Sunday) I woke up at 9 AM (Late Night) and left to the gym.  Since I had my Long Paced Run yesterday, I need to work on speed.   My legs were definitely tight from yesterday.  I also made it a point that I would walk up the stairs throughout the Cruise.  Definitely a lot of stairs throughout the day!!  I M80’ed my Lower Body and found several areas where pain was at an all time high.  I knew I had to take care of it immediately or I would risk an injury during my fast speed run on the treadmill due to tight/overactive muscles.  I started off with a 5 minute warm up and went into my minute by minute Speed Run.  Every minute for 5 minutes I go up 1.0 Speed.  First minute was 5.0 Speed, second minute was 6.0 Speed, third minute was 7.0 Speed, fourth minute was 8.0 Speed and fifth minute was 9.0 Speed.  I repeated that 3 times through without resting.  Then the second round I decided to increase the speed, but keep the same time template.  I started the first minute with 6.0 Speed and climb up to 10.0 Speed.  Three times through.  Definitely the 9.0 & 10.0 Speed got my heart rate up and tested my stride.  After the three sets I brought the speed down to 7.0 Speed and ran for 10 minutes allowing my body to come down and get ready for my Core & Ab routine.  Pretty much my routine was the same as yesterday (Saturday).  Funny thing was feeling my upper body sore from the extensive core work that I did yesterday.  Throughout the rest of the day I kept up with my consistent eating and staying hydrated.


Week 26  Not being able to hit the bike hard has been a huge disappointment.  But on the positive side, there are still 2 other areas I need to focus on and can give 100% of my focus into.  Running and Swimming are big components to my Half Ironman.  Every time I look at the calendar, my heart rate goes up.  The thought of me with my wet suit, my swim cap, my swim goggles and the sight of the Reservoir in front reminds me of my College Days when i would behind the Swim Blocks ready to get up.  It is only a few weeks away and I am excited.  My health is great, my energy levels are great.

No Wasted Time!

Made Jump Boxes for a Track Athlete

Made Jump Boxes for a Track Athlete

April 15 (Monday) – April 21 (Sunday), 2013

April 15 (Monday) Day back from my weekend Cruise.  Definitely a little tired, but the days are not slowing down.  Today I had to take care of my business and set aside some time to get my Indoor Stationary Biking and Treadmill Running.  I made sure not to tighten the tension on the bike too much.  Enough to feel some drag, but able to hold a fast pace.  My right hip did not act up, but it felt tight.  Looking back on my weekend cruise, I made it a point to walk up stairs instead of elevators.  Definitely put in a lot of stair climbing, which made my hips and calves tighter than usual.  As soon as I was aware of my right hip being tight, I did not push it, just kept pedaling to maintain my muscle movement pattern.  I was on the bike for 35 minutes.  As soon as I was done I went to fill up my Accelerade (During Exercise Drink) and get a Clif Shot (Gel Pack) for my Treadmill Run.  I felt great, not tired.  I started the treadmill at 5.5 Speed and 1.0 Incline and increased the Incline by 1.0 every ten minutes.  At 30 minutes I was at 3.0 Incline and decided to bring down the Incline to 1.0 Incline and increase speed to 6.0 Speed.  Weird part was having these Equilibrium problems during the last five minutes of my run.  I felt like the floor was rising then dropping messing with my gait and head.  At first I thought it was the fact I was on a ship for several days and my body was still feeling it.  It happened again, so I decided to not risk anything and just slow down to a light brisk walk.  Kept bugging me, didn’t know why I was feeling that.  As far as my eating, I guess I really didn’t eat much.  Light Breakfast and big lunch and no snacks in between.  Either way, it is time to take care of my body to be able to carry me through these last couple weeks.  April 16 (Tuesday) Was not able to get any training in.  Had my weekly massage, which was highly needed.  A little frustrated I could not get anything in.  April 17 (Wednesday) today was my busiest day as far as working.  Middle of the day I had to sneak a nap in to charge up my battery.  I was able to get in a swim, 1 hour long.  My goal was to see how many sets/laps I could swim in an hour.  I started off with 10 x 250 Yds (200 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board).  Throughout the entire set I felt horrible.  Stroke felt sloppy, tired and just not physically there.  I had intentions of just throwing in the towel after the 10 sets, but luckily my stubborn side didn’t let me get out of this one easily.  After my 10 x 250 Yds, I tried to swim as many 200 Yds sets (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/Board).  Interesting part was feeling better throughout the 200 yds sets.  I started to feel my stroke lengthen, my breathing pattern click and more power driven through my kicking.  It took me about 30 minutes to complete 10 x 250 Yds and the other 30 minutes 7 x 200 Yds, totaling 3,900 Yds.  I was shocked I swam that much with the rough start I had.  Back to work for the rest of the day.  Tomorrow I have to sneak in a run and bike.  April 18 (Thursday) Another day of long meetings and training clients.  I had several hours of free time so I took advantage to exercise.  I decided to do some Brick Training with Stationary Spin Bike and Running on the Treadmill.  15 minutes of Stationary Spin Bike with a little tension and made sure to hold a fast pace.  Then on the Treadmill I tried to hold a fast pace at an incline.  I held a 6.5 Speed and 1.5 Incline.  The only problem was having to slow down to a walking pace for a minute after the first 5 minutes.  It was definitely a struggle to hold the pace with the incline, but I was able to go 1.55 Miles each 15 minute set.  I did 4 rounds (Bike, Run, Bike and Run).  April 19 (Friday) I went for a swim.  I like the pattern of swimming as many laps within an hour.  So I decided to do swim as many 300 Yd set swims within the hour.  I swam 10 x 300 Yds (250 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) then switched it up by decreasing the sets to 250 yds (200 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) for a grand total of 3,750 Yds in an hour.  I definitely was tired, but still felt great throughout the hour swim.  I noticed that my breathing pattern of every 3 strokes started to feel more comfortable.  April 20 (Saturday) I worked the first part of the day and decided to start making more of my M80Rollers in the garage.  April 21 (Sunday) I woke up early and went on my bike ride.  It has been a while since I had been on my bike.  My hip feels fine, and hope it does not act up.  My goal is to make it up to Newport Coast Drive off of PCH and back.  I decided I will keep my gears on low and not put too much pressure on my hip.  On my way out towards Newport Coast Drive, I felt great.  As soon as I turned around, I started to feel a slight tight/sore feeling within my right hip (my problem area).  I made sure to baby it and just go through the motions to finish my ride.  Started to feel worse towards the end of my ride, but still had to keep my mind in the game.  As soon as I arrived to the gym, I switched gears and went outdoors for my run.  Again, it has been a while since I had run outside.  Weather was beautiful, I set out with my water bottle with a Clif Shot Pack/Gel for my fueling boost.  My hip throughout the run did not bother me.  I made sure to run a slower pace and just feel out my hip during the run.  On my way back home I had not issue with my hip and kept focusing on my gait pattern and my consistent intake of Accelerade (in my water bottle).   As soon as I got to the gym, I got in the car and went to the pool for a swim.  I was planning on swimming for an hour and I only had enough energy to swim for half an hour.  I was able to swim 5 x 300 Yds (250 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) for a total of 1,500 yds.  The only thing that really bugged me mentally was my hip.  After my swim I went home and filled the Shower Tub with cold water and sat in it for 20 minutes.


Week 27  is a mental week.  My last week of hard training before I start to taper off before my race.  The week went by fast and as soon as Friday hit, I kept getting my “Butterflies in my Stomach” feeling.  Reminds me of College Swimming, before our big swim meet “Conference”.  The only difference is now my life is consumed with business/money, instead of school work.  Even though a lot of events have happened throughout my training, I still am looking forward to flying into St. George, Utah and just admiring the beauty of nature.  I am excited to race all three events and soak in the feeling of being an “Athlete”.  I am thankful I have my health, my drive and love for exercise to make this whole experience possible.

The light at the end of the tunnel is started to lighten my surroundings.

Are you a Baseball Fan? M80 Roller comes in sports colors

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April 22 (Monday) – April 28 (Sunday), 2013

April 22 (Monday) My official first day of “Taper” has begun.  I have a lot on my business agenda, so I decided to take the day off from training and focus on using my M80Roller to dig deep into my muscles and focus time on my business.  April 23 (Tuesday) I had to start training and not let myself relax too much and not do anything.  I went on a short run, down Beach Blvd towards Beach Blvd and cut North on the Board Walk and a mile past the HB Pier and back.  It felt great running and felt like my legs were strong throughout the run.  I did not want to track my run, I just wanted my feelings to start dictating my taper.  From my previous experience through Competitive Swimming, I have tried different tactics and found out that I am mental when it comes to my training and races.  After my short run I went to the pool and swam 8 x 250 Yds (200 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) for a total of 2,000 Yds.  Throughout my swimming I felt a little sluggish and could not find my breathing pattern.  I knew that it would all change throughout the week.  Right now my body is going through a huge change, from large amounts of work load to very little, so I can’t react from the early Taper Days.  April 24 (Wednesday) I woke up with a little sore feeling in my legs.  It has been a while since my outdoor running days, so definitely this is the time to introduce the outdoor running so it is not a huge shock during the race.  I went to the pool to swim, but only wanted to swim a little to keep my body moving without a lot of physical movement/ high impact.  I swam 5 x 250 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) for a total of 1,250 Yds.  After my swim I had my massage.  I made sure my massage therapist invested some quality time on my hips and legs to ensure my lower body would recover quick throughout my taper.  April 25 (Thursday) I decided to keep my outdoor running and went on the same run, as Tuesday, and it felt better too.  This gave me the confidence that my body is going through the same pattern as previous experience.  After my run I went to the pool and swim 5 x 200 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board).  My swimming and breathing pattern felt better than Tuesday too.  I can’t believe my race is next week.  Starting to get nervous, but a very good nervous feeling.  April 26 (Friday) I had meetings scheduled for M80 Roller and Clients for Training.  I was able to get some time in to go to Costa Mesa, Ca (Cycle Werks) to have them transport my bike through Tri Bike Transportation (Ironman Company).  Before sending the bike up towards St. George, Utah I wanted them to perform a basic Pre-Race Tune Up as well as replace my Tubes and Tires to assure less risk of malfunction.  By the end of the day I was spent and had not energy to go out and train.  April 27 (Saturday) I trained my clients and taught my outdoor Boot Camp Classes.  Afterwards I had a snack and went over to the pool to get a little swim in.  I didn’t want to wait till Sunday to train because I was not able to train Friday.  2 days in a row of not training, while tapering is not recommended.  It was a beautiful day to be in the water.  I swam a quick 6 x 200 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) for a total of 1,200 Yds.  My stroke felt perfect, long glides with every stroke and breathing every three strokes without trouble.  My taper is feeling perfect and my energy is starting to catch up.  Throughout the day I have these urges of running or biking.  It makes me laugh, because I remember my Swim Coach telling me, “During Taper your goal is not to move much, even if the stair case is there to go up a story, take the elevator.  As an athlete you have to allow yourself to be selfish.”  If I am not training clients, I am sitting down or stretching.  April 28 (Sunday) I took advantage of my taper and decided to sleep in with no ALARM!  I don’t remember the last time I was able to sleep in.  I have been waking up early every Sunday to get my long training days.  I decided to be lazy and lay on the couch till about 2PM.  I went for a short run and swam afterwards.  My running felt good, not perfect, but definitely had the sun beating down on me and the heat was more than normal.  I went over to my pool to find a lot of people.  Several parties going on and little kids swimming every where.  Luckily they reserve one lane for lap swimmers.  I jumped in and swam 6 x 200 Yds (150 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) for a total of 1,200 Yds.  I was short of breathe, but my stroke felt amazing.  Each stroke felt like I could glide for 10 yards.  This week has been a great week.  Both with my taper and my M80 Roller.  Keeping my chin up and driving full force forward without too much thought.

I wear Swedish Goggles, after a while the straps break. Replacements just in case!

I wear Swedish Goggles, after a while the straps break. Replacements just in case!

Summary: Week 28  First week of taper!  Can’t believe how fast time has gone by.  I remember when I made the commitment to sign up for my first 70.3 Race.  Logging my daily activity has been a fun experience and also a great way to see if I was following a correct Progressive Chart.  Another great experience is making my training for St. George Utah Half Ironman my priority.  Even though I have a million things going on with my Career Business “Training With Matt Olaya” and Fitness Equipement Venture “M80 Roller”, I still wake up and go to sleep thinking what I will be doing to build my endurance for the race.  Even if I had 2 hours between my work schedule, I rushed myself and made sure to pack in as many miles into my Swim or Bike or Run.  Looking back at it, it was a chaotic lifestyle, but is a perfect example of “Time Management” and “No Excuses”.  Things that I learned and developed through my Competitive Swimming Days.  Like I tell my clients, “The human body is complex, it will adapt to anything you give it.  It takes a little time to have the body adapt, but it will build up what it needs to in order to make your experience worth while”.  From prior “Tapering” experiences I have learned that it becomes a huge “Mental” game with me.  I can’t pay attention to the bad or good feelings I have throughout the 2 weeks.  Some days feel like I can go for hours with no problem and other days I struggle making me think I have screwed up my taper.  Looking at the body a little closer, you have to take into consideration that you go from one polar extreme (2-6 hours of exercise a day) to the other polar extreme (30 mins to 1 hour of exercise every other day).  The body is trying to adapt so the first week of Taper is experimental and the second week the body starts to adapt to “Taper” and the couple days leading to the Race the body starts to hit the Peak.  What is a perfect “Taper”?  Usually 2-3 Weeks, week 1 cutting all the distance in half, week 2 cutting the distance even more and the last week just going through the motions and barely putting miles on each activity.  Then experience comes in and places a huge dynamic to your tapering process.  Being confident that you are doing everything right and no regrets are on the table.  Again, it is a mental game and you have to play it right or it can eat you up on Race Day.

Tri Suit Sponsored by

My Tri Suit Sponsored by

April 29 (Monday) – May 5 (Sunday), 2013

April 29 (Monday) I took the day off from training and invested my time towards training my clients (packing them in so I can take off Thursday for St. George, Utah) and planning the future for M80 Roller.  Made sure to stretch and M80 Roll too.  April 30 (Tuesday) I had another full day at work, but made sure to sneak to the pool and swim 900 Yds (100 yds Swim Free & 50 yds Kick w/ Board) and run for 20 minutes on the Treadmill (1.0 Incline, 5.0 Speed for a total of 1.7 Miles).  Made sure to Stretch more, M80 Roll and hydrate myself.  Currently printing up all my paperwork (Half Ironman Race Ticket, Flight Ticket, Hotel Ticket and other information).  Also the fun art of “Packing” using my new Transition Bag (given to me as a present).  Funny thing about the transition bag (Convoy Transition Backpack), I had to go on line to watch a video on “How to Use it” so I could understand what all the compartments and hidden storage was for.

All my Tri Gear and Regular Clothes

All my Tri Gear and Regular Clothes

May 1 (Wednesday) I was not able to get any training in.  Dedicated all my time to plan my work week for after the race.  Last minute business meetings for and packing up my race equipment.  After a long day of planning I go online to check into my flight and find out that my flight was cancelled and I was not notified.  I immediately contact the airlines and there is no accommodation for my flight out to St. George, Utah without it being a 10 hour adventure (1 PM out of LAX and arriving in St. George 11PM), not ideal for my race to be sitting down and confined to small spaces.  After some deep breathing and making sure that my emotions were not fluctuating, I looked up other alternatives and found a flight from Long Beach (Jet Blue) to Vegas and renting a car to drive out to Utah.

My Transition Bag was Perfect for my Travel

My Transition Bag was Perfect for my Travel

May 2 (Thursday) Woke up early and worked till 10AM.  After work I rushed to the pool and swam 900 Yds (6 x 150yds).  Very easy working on stroke and breathing patterns.  After the pool went home to cut my hair and train my body hair.  Either way, my flight was delayed and didn’t arrive to St. George, Utah till 2PM that Friday (day before the race).  May 3 (Friday) I woke up around 7AM to get to Ironman Village to start my Race Day Process.  I had to sign in and fill out my waivers/forms.  Afterwards I had to look at the schedule to check in my bike and set up my Transitions (Swim to Bike/ Bike to Run).  It was an all day event, but it really made me focus on what I was about to embark for my race.  Around 7PM I went over to Sand Hallow State Park (Reservoir) to try out my wetsuit and swim a little.  Water was 60 Degrees.  Definitely cold, but it made me swim faster to warm my body up.  After I situated everything, I went back to grab some food (Olive Garden Pasta) and took it back to the hotel.  Didn’t get to bed till about 11PM (Nervous/Ready to Compete).

Sand Hallow Reservoir Start of Swim

Sand Hallow Reservoir Start of Swim

Swim (Left) around Rock Island Formation

Swim (Left) around Rock Island Formation

Cut to the Left Far Buoy and to the Dock

Cut to the Left Far Buoy and Swim up to the Loading Dock

May 4 (Saturday) HALF IRONMAN!!!!  2,700 Registered Athletes. No going back, no thinking about what I did during my training.  Today was the day that I worked hard for.  Training 6 Days a week, rushing between work to train and rushing to eat when I had a chance.  Sacrificing my time and pleasure for long days at work and long hours of training.  Guess what???  It was all worth it, I trained as hard as I can and that is the greatest feeling to have before the race.  5AM I drive down to Ironman Village to wait for a shuttle to take me out to the Reservoir.  Once I got there, it was pitch black, and powered by spot lights.  All I could see is a wave of bikes at the transition area and people in race mode.  I went over to my bike and filled up my water bottle (SpeedFill) on my bike.  Afterwards I just checked my Transition Bag (my biking accessories I would change into after the swim) to make sure it was all there.  Then I sat down and just visualized myself going through my transitions and my race.  20 minutes before my wave (Age Group 25-29 Mens) I went over to use the restroom and changed into my race suit and wetsuit.  My heart was racing.  Jogged over to the starting line to look for my wave (Men’s 25-29).  We start to walk as a group and all I can see are crowds of people in their wet suits, caps and goggles.  The music is playing in the background and the announcer is organizing groups and focusing on what groups are swimming out to the buoys to wait for the gun shot.  Then it was our turn, we walk into the water and feel the cold water hit our toes.  I walk in till I am chin deep and start to swim out towards the start line.  There we all sit floating/ treading water waiting for the gun shot to shoot.  Guess what?? Race day is here and I am seconds away from racing 70.3.  I hear the gun shot and start swimming out to the outside of the buoys.  I want to avoid the crowds (potential kicks to the face, etc).  Every 10-15 strokes I lift my head to make sure I am straight and no swimmers coming up ahead.  My stroke felt great, all the training with breathing pattern 3 strokes for every breathe, and made sure to breathe every 2 strokes to maintain my steady flow of oxygen and keep a rhythmic pace.  I started to get tired and my arms started to burn.  My goal was to finish the swimming without stopping to get ahead of people.  As soon as I swim up the ramp I get up and out and start to run to transition area (Swim to Bike).  First couple breathes were blurry (Lack of Oxygen), but I managed to pull my cap/goggles off and pull my wet suit down towards my waist. When I approached my bike I opened my bag and laid out my towel and pulled the wet suit off.  I grabbed my socks and put them on and pulled my sun glasses out and strapped my shoes.  Shoved my everything else into my bag and grabbed my bike and ran over the starting point and clipped in and set off.  An amazing feeling to feel tired yet refreshed from the cold water.  I thought I would be dripping wet on the bike, but these race suits are so thin they don’t retain water.  Last month I ran into trouble with my hip and ever since I stopped riding and babied it in hopes to let it heal and hopefully recover.  So I was very nervous it would give me trouble and cause me to slow down a lot or even have to stop the race.  I made sure to have a couple Plans ready in case problems would arise.  Plan A: position myself so relieve any tension off my hips.  Plan B: Lower my gears to help relieve pressure off my hips.  Plan C: On climbs, make sure to stand up and transfer the work load onto the Quads.  Plan D:  Keep compensating if Plans A-C don’t work. The 56 mile bike ride was breathe taking.  Red Rocks out there and just the beauty of pure nature was beautiful.  Hilly course, no joke, either riding up hill or going downhill.  Even though I had to reserve my pace on the bike to avoid my flare up with my hip, I still was able to hold 20 mph throughout the course and some of the gnarly up hills were about 8-9 mph.  It was frustrating to have people pass me, because my instincts were to catch up or pick up my pace.  My goal was to finish the race and not have to give up due to me being hard headed.  The hardest part of the bike was at mile 41 till about 46, there was a huge hill we had to climb.  About 1,000 ft of elevation to climb.  I had to stand up on the bike the entire climb to avoid any potential problems with the hip.  Finally rode into the Town Square (Ironman Village) where the transition from Bike to Run was.  As soon as I place my bike on the rack and take my shoes off and place my running shoes and grab my running water bottle with Clif Gel Packs.  As soon as I ran out the gate I wanted to break into my running stride, but I could only putt around like a person learning to run.  It didn’t help seeing a long road ahead that gradually went up in incline.  My goal was to just let my legs aclimate to the transition.  Looking back at it, sitting on a bike at a forward incline for 3 hours, all my blood was concentrating in the lower body because of the workload.  My stride was able to feel a little better, but in reality the up hills were harsh.  Every hydrating station I had to get one water (Body was tired of all the sugary content) and a ice cold sponge to splash it over my head.  On the way back it was mostly downhill.  As soon as I was able to see the white canopies I knew the end was near.  It was neat running through the crowds of people and looking up the big Finish Sign and to hear the announcer state, “Matt Olaya from Huntington Beach, Ca”.  A rush of adrenaline went through my body.  As soon as I passed the finish line I stopped and my body felt like it was about to collapse.  A lady placed my medal over my head, another person handed me a water and one more took my chip off my ankle.  This entire time I am looking at each individual with a blank stare.  I was in shock that I had finished.  All the hard work and sacrifice I made the last 6 months was worth it.  I start to follow the Zombie like people (all the finishers) to another white tent where walls of Little Cesar’s Pizza awaited us.  Funny part was walking with a limp and slightly dragging my feet because every part of my body was in pain.  As soon as I got my 2 slices of cheese pizza and chocolate milk, I went over to a shaded grass patch and just sat down.  May 5 (Sunday) I woke up and felt like I was in the ring with Mayweather.  My lower back was stiff, my arms/shoulders were sore, my glutes/hips were sore and my legs/feet were sore too!  I sat there laughing because I could not believe that I had finished the race and push my body past its comfort zone.  For the rest of the day I felt like I was on Cloud 9.  I realized I could do anything I wanted to do, if I put my mind to it.


Week 29 was my test week.  All the hard work (Homework) I did throughout the 29 weeks became a reality on Saturday.  Either I look back and realize I slacked off or looked back to find all my hard work was there.  In this case it was a little mix emotion.  A month off the bike prior to the race due to a hurt hip played with my mind.  On the other hand, I have been taking Ibuprofen to help with the healing process.  It was something that could go either way, but with a good night’s sleep and clear mind in the morning, I made sure to leave any doubt/ negative thought at the hotel.   Throughout the race I pushed my body, I didn’t allow myself to become comfortable.  Surprisingly my body was able to keep up with the hours of harsh physical abuse.  That is when it was clear that my days of consistent training paid off.  I am officially a Finisher to St. George, Utah Half Ironman 2013!

Blog Conclusion:

My Theory at the beginning/ top of my blog, I stated that swimming was going to be my main target to improve all three events.  Concentrating on breathing pattern (every 3 strokes) and 3 strokes off each wall before my first breathe.  Another part of my swimming theory is interval swim sets (i.e. 100 yds followed by 50 yds Kick w/ a Board).  Same concept as interval training to increase running speed (ie. High Intensity then Low Intensity).  In conclusion to my Theory, I am a firm believer that Swimming is a perfect Cross Training to any sport and will Increase Lung Capacity and improve your Cardiovascular System.

My goal was to train for a Half Ironman (70.3) and type everything (goals to training sets) to help you understand how consistent training/ discipline can help you reach your goal.  Having short term goals throughout your training and writing them down, will help keep you focused/engaged with what you set out to achieve in the first place.  Don’t let people or yourself tell you that “X” is too hard or too much for yourself.  You never know till you try!

Swim to Bike Transition

Swim to Bike Transition


56 Mile Bike Ride in Beautiful  St. George, Utah

56 Mile Bike Ride in Beautiful St. George, Utah


13.1 Mile Run

13.1 Mile Run


70.3 Finish

70.3 Finish