In Home Personal Training

Have the convenience of having Matthew Olaya (Trainer) come to your home and train you!

Introductory Package ($150 for 3 Sessions):

-Each Session is 50 Minutes
-Workout equipment is provided
-Have your own equipment?  Learn to use them and incorporate them in your sessions
-Not enough space? Space is not an issue!
-Use your Backyard, Front Yard or Living Room!

Regular In Home Training Prices $65 Each Session:

-Session is 50 Minutes
-Equipment provided
-No limits!

Have a Friend that you want to train with?

2 Person Training Prices Per Session $100:

-$50 Per Person!
-Session is 50 Minutes
-Equipment Provided
-Fitness program engineered to each individual to eliminate wasted time!

3+ Person Training $35 Per Person:

-Get together a group of Friends & Family for a weekly Boot Camp Routine
-Effective, closely supervised Training for each person
-Session is 50 Minutes

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