H.I.I.T. High Intensity Interval Training

High Intensity Interval Training:

Boot camp classes to Crossfit have made this concept more popular.  Any time you increase your intensity with exercise you get the benefits of increased metabolism.  With this you are guaranteed to burn a lot of calories during and post exercise.  Athletes all over the world are used to a workout system like this because they are forced to push their bodies past the point of breaking down.  But for the average person this can be a delicate dance with "Injury".

Negatives of H.I.I.T:

What is your goal with your exercise program?  How often do you perform the H.I.I.T programs?  If you are not sure about both of these questions, you will for sure run into trouble during your workouts.  Either Plataues or Injuries will arise.  Just like everything in life, Balance is crucial to create Homeostasis.  If you person H.I.I.T workouts all the time, your body will wear out.  

H.I.I.T Done Right:

There is a reason why every Athlete from Amature to Elite have Coaches.  Coaches allow you to look from outside the box allowing the workouts to be specific and geared towards Short Term Goals and Long Term Goals.  Here is an example of creating a workout specific to your Goals:

H.I.I.T Monday, Wednesday and Friday:

Circuit A:
-Push Ups
-Sit Ups
-Squat Jumps
Circuit B:
-Pull Ups
-Bicycle Crunches
-Split Squat Jumps
Circuit C:
-Side Plank with Hips Up & Down
-V-Ups Sit Ups


Tuesday and Thursday:

Low Intensity Training
-Cardio 30-60 Mins at a set pace
Looking at this program Monday through Friday you can see that the High Intensity days are staggered Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  This will allow your body to rest up accordingly.  Tuesday and Thursday are dedicated to changing up the workout completely and allow the body to still rest up.  Performing Low Intensity Training on these days will definitely allow the body to recover and perform another type of exercise without overlapping days.  As your body adapts to this workout the Repetitions and Sets will Increase.  As your workouts increase inversely your body becomes stronger and burns even more calories.  
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