Running Packages:


Package A

-Private Running Lessons with Video Analysis
     -Private Running Lessons allows us to work on all the small details
     -$50 per Hour

Package B

-Private Running Coach with Video Analysis
     -Private Running Coach allows us to Run side by side to help motivate and stay consistent with the run practice
     -$50 per Hour

All Running Lessons/ Coaching Include:

Indoors or Outdoors

-Treadmill Running Allows me to analyze your running patterns with different speeds and incline without going outside
-Outdoor Running allows me to analyze your running patterns on any type of surface and your Heel Strike, Mid Sole Landing and Toe Off

Video Analysis

-Footage from all angles
-Allows us to sit down and determine what needs to change in order to improve your running
-I will provide certain exercises and stretches to help realign your body to help with your running

Improve Strength and Flexibility

-Video Analysis will allow me to determine what Strengths and Weaknesses are present
     -From there we will correct and determine what further exercises are needed to strengthen muscles
     -Don't forget Flexibility, this helps your joints work more effeciently and prevent injuries

Injury Prevention

-Your body is meant to adapt
     -If you give it a consistent Stress Load (same routine), it will adapt by becoming stronger
     -Stronger means less risk for injuries due to weaknesses
-Flexibility is as important as Strengthening
     -Helps maintain full range of motion within your joints
     -Keeps muscles healthy to keep up with the challenging exercises