Underwater Training / Apnea Training Packages

Build Lung Capacity

Holding your breathe above water is not the same as holding it underwater.  How long can you hold your breathe underwater?  Everytime you hold your breathe, your diaphragm stretches more causing your lungs to store more oxygen and efficiently help the body utilize oxygen for everyday activities to physically demanding activities.  If you want to learn a new skill or just get a competitive edge on a sport or activity you play, contact me for an appointment. 


Package A

-Private Underwater Lessons with Underwater Video Analysis
-Private Underwater Lessons allows us to work on all the small details
-$50 per Hour

Package B

-Underwater Group Training
-At least 2qty individuals
-$25 per participants (Minimum 2qty individuals)

All Underwater Lessons/ Coaching include:

-Coaching in the water 

   -Allows me to see you in real time allowing quick feedback
   -Video Footage is done Above Water and Underwater for accurate feedback 


Improve Strength and Flexibility

-Video Analysis will allow me to determine what Strengths and Weaknesses are present
     -From there we will correct and determine what further exercises are needed to strengthen muscles
-Flexibility not only with muscles, but lung capacity
     -Flexibility within muscles is important to make sure no compensation is present, which will help your joints work more effeciently 
     -Flexibility within the Lungs and Diaphragm is crucial to take in more oxygen and stay underwater longer

Injury Prevention

-Your body is meant to adapt
     -If you give it a consistent Stress Load (same routine), it will adapt by becoming stronger
     -Stronger means less risk for injuries due to weaknesses
-Flexibility is as important as Strengthening
     -Increases lung capacity and diaphragm mobility
     -Helps maintain full range of motion within your joints
     -Keeps muscles healthy to keep up with the challenging exercises 
*I have gone through 2 Levels of Certifications with FII (Freediving Instructors International)